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Since marijuana has become legal in many places, marijuana products have also become mainstream and their popularity is on the rise. There are a variety of products that can be made from marijuana including edibles and the various oils that are on the market.

Marijuana oils come in three main forms, which are CBD oil, Hemp oil, and Cannabis oil. These oils bring with them various health benefits and it is mainly for those benefits that the oils are produced. There is some confusion lingering about what exactly these oils are and the difference between them and in this article, we will seek to clarify the differences between these oils and highlight the uses and benefits of each form of oil.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is produced by cannabis plants. Although it is present in a lot of strains in different concentrations, the highest concentration of CBD is found in Cannabis Sativa plants. It from the plants in this family of cannabis that CBD oil is extracted.

The oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the marijuana plants. The oil is them made from the extracted cannabinoid and is usually mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to put it in a form that users can make use of.

CBD is not psychoactive like THC, the other main cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It does, however, have some strong medical benefits and it is for these that CBD oil has become popular. Even the CBD high marijuana strains are smoked for their medical benefits and it’s those strains that are being used in medical marijuana.

CBD is naturally an analgesic, which means that it gives pain relief. CBD oil carries CBD in concentrate form and the oil has a good use for pain relief, muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, headaches and other forms of pain. It also has been attributed with helping patients deal with eczema, rosacea, bug bites and even sunburn when applied to a person’s skin.

CBD oil can be used in a variety of ways including oral consumption and smoking through vapes. When infused in carrier oils that can be applied to the skin, it can also be used in such a way.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an oil that is made from industrial hemp plants. These plants have been specially developed for the production of hemp and are usually grown by industrial companies specifically for the production of the oil. Hemp plants have low cannabinoid presence and therefore, they are not of interest to most growers.

The seeds from the hemp plant are cold pressed to extract the oil from them. The extracted oil is required by law to have a THC content of no more than 0.3%. The CBD content in the oil is not usually measured due to CBD’s lack of psychoactive effects.

Hemp oil has a variety of benefits and is used by many industries in their products. It is rich in Omega – 6 and Omega – 3, fatty acids which have health benefits. These fatty acids promote heart and brain health and they are one of the reasons why people consume hemp oil. Hemp oil is also very rich in vitamin E which makes its consumption beneficial to one’s health.

Hemp oil can also be found in various hair and nail products. This is because it carries properties that encourage the growth of hair and nails. It can also be used as a moisturizer and is incorporated in some lotions as a skin softening agent.

Cannabis Oil

This form of marijuana oil is an extract from plants that have high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) presence and they are a concentrate of this cannabinoid as a result. In the cannabis family, high THC is found in Cannabis Indica plants and it’s from these that cannabis oil is usually extracted.

Due to the high THC content of this particular oil, it can be used to deliver a recreational high to users. These oils can be highly potent due to the fact that the THC in them is concentrated. For recreational purposes, cannabis oil can be consumed in a variety of ways including using vapes, being added to crushed weed and can also be consumed orally in edibles.

Due to the high THC content in the oil, it faces higher restrictions in the way it is traded and in the people who have access to it. If people with low THC tolerance or minors are accidentally exposed to cannabis oil, it can cause damage and therefore restrictions on it are in place.

Cannabis oil also has medicinal benefits of its own. It is great for the treatment of neurotic ailments such as epilepsy, anxiety, and depression. Its ability to deliver a high also makes the oil good for dealing with stress.

The Bottom Line

While there may be confusion surrounding the various oils extracted from cannabis plants, these oils are different. CBD oil is mainly extracted from Cannabis Sativa, cannabis oil from Cannabis Indica and hemp oil from special hemp plants. The oils also have different applications and effects due to their different compositions.

Hemp oil is used in hair, nail and skincare products due to its properties. It carries little to no cannabinoids and does not have psychoactive effects. CBD oil is rich in the cannabinoid it is named after and is good for the treatment of various forms of pain. CBD has no psychoactive effects and therefore, the oil cannot be used to achieve a high.