Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Potency has been the result why people go for a certain marijuana strain. More people get the long bang for their investment and sought for the strongest strain they can get. Traditionally, people love to get high so they prefer to get the ones with high THC levels. THC is the most prevalent active compound in Cannabis but is only one of the many other compounds that can be found in the plant. Now, here’s comes CBD which was found out to have a wider range of medical properties has becoming the preference for those who are after for the medicinal effect of weed.

What are high CBD marijuana strains?

CBD or cannabidiol is the second only to THC when it comes to its amount in the marijuana strain. Recently, studies have shown CBD to have inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety and other properties without any psychoactive effects that the THC provides. Four percent CBD percentage is already high while 20% for THC.

Where to order CBD marijuana seeds for growing?

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can buy CBD marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor growing. More and more breeders are making CBD marijuana strains to answer to the demand. There are a lot of strains available in the market now with varied amount of CBD and effects to the patients.

I don’t have medical marijuana card, can I still buy medical marijuana seeds?

Yes you can. Most online seed companies do not require their customers any medical marijuana card, prescription or anything when you order from them. Just make sure that you check your local laws before ordering. Well, there is nothing to worry much because these seedbanks will ship your order discreetly inside DVD’s, Tshirts, Tea bag, stuff toys, wallet, cellphone casing, sex toy, tampon and many others. You won’t also see any charge from a seed company in your credit card statement. Every transaction is discreet.