Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

If you’re suffering from pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and muscle spasms, the mostly Sativa strain with lots of Indica medicinal benefits is the pot for you. Like with the accidental discovery of penicillin, Harlequin’s origins are filled with serendipitous events. A Swiss breeding program was working on a 75% Sativa and 25% Indica hybrid crossing Laos’s Colombian Gold with a Nepalese Mustang region Indica and a Swiss Landrace Sativa. It resulted in one of two phenotype breeds (the other one being Alchemy) with high CBD levels. This feminized strain is famous for its strong CBD levels, unprecedented medical effectiveness, massive colorful buds, and sweet taste.

For many years, THC was the only consideration when getting cannabis because people thought it was the only active ingredient responsible for a person’s highs and its pain-relieving, anti-depressant benefits. Many growers boosted THC percentages without realizing another cannabinoid, CBD, should’ve been their focus instead. Eventually, high CBD content was considered just as important if not more so because most of the medicinal properties of weed—from its uplifting, stimulating highs of the cerebral variety to fight depression to its pain-relieving, relaxing stones that made medicinal use of marijuana more acceptable—is rooted in CBD.

THC gives Mary Jane its hazy, stoned, and unclear effect, so lowering the THC and increasing the CBD should produce a more clear-headed high while still enjoying a relaxing effect that doesn’t get in the way of your conscious thought, which is exactly what you can get from the marijuana CBD known as Harlequin. If you have some sort of inflammation or aggressive cancers, this pot strain can be the answer. This weed CBD even has some of the highest indoor yields to boot, with 550-700 g/m². The downside to this, of course, is the longer flowering time as expected from a photoperiod strain. Then again, even with the long wait, the yields and the highs are truly worth it.


• Genetics: Mostly Sativa
• Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
• Yield: 550-700 g/m²
• Height: 40-60 cm
• Flowering Time: 60-67 days
• Effect: Clearheaded medicinal high
• THC Level: 6%
• CBD Level: 4%
• Growing: Easy to moderate