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Sativa type marijuana plants offer the benefits of the gardening experience. From growing the Sativa seeds for sale to seedling and then the harvesting, there is the utmost fulfillment when the marijuana buds crop is harvested. There are the positive benefits that only gardening can bring because of the nurturing care that a plant requires.

Growing Sativa Marijuana Strains Benefits

Growing a marijuana plant does make each day better ones as there is always growth and other things to notice and do such as pruning. Growing a cannabis plant also provides easy exercise such as that while watering which requires bending and arm movements. Cultivating Sativa type of marijuana makes enjoy these gardening benefits and much more, especially when harvesting our crop.

Types of Cannabis Plants

There are 2 types of cannabis plants which Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. These two types of marijuana have different effects when taken in various forms such as smoked, vaped, capsulized, as an oil, topically applied, or as an edible. Depending on the desired effects and the medical benefits, one might decide their weed type of preference as Sativa or Indica.

These marijuana plant types are crossed with each other, resulting in either a Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, or balance hybrid. The effects and the medical marijuana benefits depend on the characteristics inherited by the resulting weed strain from the parent plants. This Indica-Sativa crossed cannabis plants may further be crossed with another type of marijuana plant which is Ruderalis. The Ruderalis type is Autoflowering and if it becomes a parent plant, its offspring obtains this characteristic.

Sativa Appearance

Sativa cannabis plants are huge and may grow up to a towering 12 feet high when cultivated outdoors. These marijuana plants are narrow, with long and thin leaves. Spread apart throughout a Sativa are the colas, buds, and leaves. Savita buds grow halfway up the stalk, not towards the stalk.

Lovely, the colors of these cannabis plants range from light green to dark green and there are some weed strains that have different colors such as purple. The potent buds are delightful to see as these do glisten with crystalline trichomes with amber to reddish-brown hairs. These cannabis plants typically look like Christmas trees when full-grown.

Sativa Climate and Growing Medium

The ideal climate conditions for a Sativa plant is warm and humid climates. Sativa type weed strains typically have a longer flowering period than the Indica type. These plants require more surface area as it needs to branch out for maximum yield. It also requires more root space in the growing medium such as soil.

Sativa Bountiful Harvest

The harvest from a Sativa type is typically more than that of Indica. There are certain weed strains that can yield up to 1500 grams per plant. That is so bountiful that many Sativa growers use support methods such as stalking to aid the marijuana plant in holding up that buds until harvest.

Sativa Seeds for Sale

There are quality cannabis seeds that will grow to become healthy plants. They are pure Sativa seeds and Sativa-dominant ones. There are Autoflower Sativa and Sativa-dominant seeds also. It is best to find great seeds to cultivate and for adding to a cannabis seed collection as there are some sativa weed strains that are a rare find. It is also good to keep marijuana seeds as a novelty item.

Sativa Heights

These marijuana plants can grow as tall as 3 meters. It does typically require more space than that of the Indica type. Yet, when there is enough space for the root system. The spread of the branches. And the tallness of the plant. More so likely, these will give the maximum yield with proper plant care. Ideal for growing outdoors, depending on the climate conditions. Otherwise, these plants may also be for indoor growing or in a greenhouse. These plants can grow to their maximum potential when the climate conditions are there and given enough growing medium space and proper plant care.

Sativa Resistance

Most Sativa plants and Sativa-dominant weed strains are resistant to certain common plant diseases. These plant problems include mold and mildew. There are some that are resistant to cold yet as a general rule, the ideal climate conditions should not reach cold levels. Sativa types usually prefer partial sun to full sun conditions such as the great outdoors provides. There are Sativa plants that are drought-resistant and some that do not need constant watering – yet like any plant, proper care should be provided.

Sativa Season

The Sativa flowering period can be as short as 9 weeks and as long as 13 weeks. There is the season to plant this weed type and a harvest time which typically happens during September or October. Yet, it is possible to grow great Sativa plants even indoors using marijuana growing methods and providing light cycles. Still, when grown outdoors, it is possible to cultivate Sativa and reap a good harvest with a minimal amount of plant care.

Sativa Effects

Sativa effects are different from that of Indica. When Sativa type marijuana is for use in any of the various forms such as smoked or vaped, the initial effects do make one feel good and uplifted. As the high peaks, there is an energy boost. It aids in focusing and unleashes creativity.

Sativa Medical Marijuana

Like medical marijuana, there are great benefits to taking Sativa type of weed. It does work wonders as a treatment and cure for many health concerns. This type of weed works to provide effective pain relief, as an anti-inflammatory, and more. It works as a treatment for many mental health concerns such as anxiety-related disorders and attention-related disorders. Note that while there are general health benefits to taking Sativa, to achieve targeted results, one should choose among the hundreds of weed strains.

Cultivate Sativa

Grow marijuana plants by buying quality Sativa seeds for sale to obtain these benefits. It would be highly fulfilling and also cost-saving to cultivate your own pot. Also, note, that there is going to be a whole lot of your own homegrown weed that can be harvested when you plant a Sativa.