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Deciding to grow cannabis with High CBD contents is a huge responsibility and you need to make sure that you will be consistent all the way. Having screw-ups can cost you your harvest. The reason for this is because a harvest can suffer when the plant was given a stressful environment during the growing cycle. That is why it is necessary for growers to plan ahead first to ensure that they will have the best growing setup and medium that is fitting for their skill and capability.

How to choose the best growing medium for you?

When it comes to choosing the best growing medium, you need know that the growing setup is important. Take Perlite for example. It is an excellent growing medium but when paired with a setup that utilizes small tubes, then you have a disaster. The dust will build up on the tubes and clogged it.
Make sure that you decide first on the setup and work your way to the growing medium. Read up on their advantage and disadvantage. Note that it could be a disadvantage to some growers but it may not be the case for you when you grow marijuana with High CBD contents.

What are the different kinds of growing medium?

One of the most common is the Perlite. It is a mined mineral and it comes cheap. However, as mentioned above, the dust from it can clog small tubes. Another growing medium is Rockwool. It comes on different sizes and shapes. Rockwool is a sterile medium that is made up of granite and limestone. The downside to it is that it sucks up water easily and the grower needs avoid saturating it. The pH level on this medium is balanced.

Another choice is the oasis cubes which is known for its good propagation. It has a neutral pH and comes on different sizes and shapes. The common use of this is as a starter medium since it makes it easier to transplant a cannabis with High CBD contents plant to any hydroponic system or growing medium easier.

When it comes to growing pot with High CBD contents, keep in mind that do not take in what you can’t accomplish. If you think growing them is a little too much for you, know that there are still other ways for you to get a hold of marijuana with High CBD contents.