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If you’re thinking about opting for a more natural way of dealing with a certain ailment, it is essential for you to get to know CBD and why it is soaring its way with claims from anxiety relief to waning cancer cells. While most cannabis plant contains higher THC than CBD, the majority of the medical growers has now focused on strains with high CBD content. So, Are you planning on Growing Medical Marijuana? Read here and learn more about what CBD can provide.

Growing Medical Marijuana? Why CBD?

Unlike THC, CBD is known to be “the good component”. Cannabidiol or which is known as CBD is a non-psychotic component of marijuana that is slowly making its way to legalization in most parts of the world. CBD does not contain psychotic and hallucinating properties of the plant that gives you the ‘high feeling’, in which most cases are the reason people partake on. So if you’re looking for the “stoned” effect, CBD is not the way to go. CBD has both agonist and antagonistic effects on THC. It negates the undesirable side effects of the component while optimizing the gain.

CBD as a potent natural drug

Over the years, cannabis has proven itself to have natural healing powers. CBD researches also claim that not only does it have a restorative effect, it also has a neuro- defensive properties as well. High CBD plants reduce brain damage done by THC and alcoholism. Since it does not cause memory impairment unlike THC, it is perfect for patients who go for a natural therapeutic effect without possible neurological damage. Studies show that cannabis plants with high CBD content aids in re-occurring spastic episodes of some patients.

The calming effect of the plant relaxes motor receptors ideal for epileptic patients and people who suffer from insomnia. Proven to be not only a muscle relaxant, but medically grown marijuana with higher CBD content has also significantly shown relief from anxiety, nausea, pain and inflammation in cases mostly related to rheumatoid arthritis, bowel disorders, PTSD, diabetes and fibromyalgia. CBD also reduces high blood sugar levels which can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels. It also calms down over-active immunologic responses triggered by your immune system.

CBD slows down cancer cells

Families have been starting to speak out on dramatic improvements brought by medically grown marijuana. Experiments by means of strains with high CBD content together with a lot of lesser THC content. It is to slow down cancer cell metastasis in certain patients. Believing it will shut down certain cancer-causing genes which in turn slows down the spread of cancer. High CBD contents in most cannabis plants have now eased its way with claims of medicinal value. It is perfect for patients who want to lessen toxic exposure to other pharmacological drugs and chemotherapy. While some of its therapeutic effects have been standing firm. The continuing discovery of its anti-cancer properties is making people more hopeful.

While high CBD content is preferred, it does not necessarily mean that treatment involves CBD alone. Although each of them has beneficial effects. They result to a more potent effect when used together with THC at different strengths. CBD’s credibility not only as a “happy-calming” drug is now making its name to medical scientific research.