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Autoflowering marijuana seeds are the newest type of weed that became widely available in the commercial markets only in the past few years. However, they’ve been taking the entire market by storm. If you’re planning to grow cannabis strains for commercial purposes, you should consider buying bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds. Likewise, this guide will help you get started.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds – What Are They?

Autoflowering cannabis strains produce plants which will flower automatically. There’s no need to change the light cycle. Unlike regular marijuana strains, these plants depend on time, not on the lighting. says autoflowering strains are the opposite of photoperiod-dependent strains.

The ultimate key to producing autoflowering strains is the infamous type of marijuana known as ruderalis. According to, ruderalis originated in the world’s colder areas like China and Russia. Unlike indica and sativa, ruderalis will flower in just a few weeks.

One negative thing about ruderalis is that it releases reduced yields of poor marijuana. Recently, cannabis breeders tried combining the attributes of ruderalis with indica and sativa strains. This resulted in a variety of strains which still have the potency and power of indica or sativa strains while having autoflowering properties.

Flowering Time

Flowering mainly depends on these strains and will differ accordingly. On the other hand, auto strains go from germination to flowering stages in seven to ten weeks.


The yield of autoflowering marijuana plants dependently mainly on some strains and on the growing conditions involving things like light and soil. Autoflowering cannabis plants can produce 150 to 400 grams per square meter of buds. Their production is not as good as the yield of regular strains.

However, they have one big advantage, particularly to those who chose to grow them outdoors. This benefit is the reality that because auto plants flower with time, they don’t depend on the season. Therefore, outdoor growers will be able to harvest a decent supply for the whole year. It makes autoflowering strains suitable for commercial growing purposes.

Autoflowering marijuana strains are among the easy-to-grow strains perfect for personal consumption and commercial growing. They have a hardy nature, rapid growth, and superb ability to produce buds without changing the photoperiod. Many cannabis growers who have been cultivating strains for sale love the autos.

These beautiful strains usually ask for less maintenance. However, if you’re after getting good bud and yield quality, there are some factors you need to check. One of them is the soil you use in growing these plants.

Good thing, cannabis ruderalis can adapt to extreme light cycles and weather far within the Northern Hemisphere. These adaptations and the autos’ subsequent hardy nature mean they are not too selective about soil. However, you should use the best soil mix to help them reach their greatest potential.

Auto strains prefer light and airy soil that is less rich in nutrients. Therefore, the standard potting soil sold by a local shop is better than the special “lighter” soil mixes. It doesn’t mean you can’t use normal soil. Instead, the possible result is better if you can tailor the soil to your plants. One of your options here is to create your own soil. Here’s a good recipe to use for your autoflowering strains:

  • Three parts compost
  • Three parts peat moss
  • Two parts pre-wet perlite
  • One part pre-wet vermiculite


Likewise, you need to make sure your plants are getting enough nutrients. This process is quite straightforward. However, they don’t require as much as traditional strains. Thus, whatever nutrient you give them, just do this lightly.

In getting started, your seedlings will require nothing but just water. When your marijuana plants have been growing for around 2 years, start adding some growth-promoting nutrients but do it sparingly. Increase the amount every time until they’re about six weeks old. From there, keep the amount constant.

When your autoflowering strains have been blossoming for roughly a week, switch to a nutrient feed. You must do it a week before the flowering stage begins because autoflowering strains will normally remain to expand for approximately a week in the blooming process. Supporting this constant growth tends to lead to better yields.

Again, keep in mind that autoflowering strains need fewer nutrients compared to photoperiod strains. You should feed them less, which can be one of the reasons why most commercial cannabis growers love autoflowering strains. Since you’re new to commercial cannabis cultivation, you must take things lightly. Feed your plants in smaller amounts until you learn what matches their nutritional needs. Just like all forms of marijuana, their actual needs may differ a little from other strain types like regular and feminized. Therefore, don’t hesitate t adjust the number of nutrients you give them.


Since the autoflowering strains’ life cycle does not depend on the light, you can leave them exposed to little or much light if you want to. For strains grown indoors, the best light cycle will be between 18 to 24 hours every day. Most cannabis growers recommend the 18-hour light cycle as it can produce the best possible results.

When it comes to light spectrums for experienced commercial cannabis growers, the same principle is applicable to both standard photoperiod and autoflowering strains. You can use a 6500k blue light while the plants are still young and change it to a 2700k red light when they enter the flowering phase.

Why Is a Good Start Important?

Autoflowering cannabis strains have a brief vegetative phase that gives them a short span of time to grow. Due to that, it’s important to help them a good start. If you want to cultivate them outdoors, you must consider planting the seedlings indoors under good lighting to keep them as strong and healthy as possible.

Taking Cuttings from Autoflowering Strains

Technically, since their flowering stage depends on time, you can’t hold them within the vegetative phase just like what you can do with normal marijuana plants. It will make the cloning process pretty much useless for autoflowering strains.

Are Autos Suitable for Pruning or any Advanced Methods for Better Yields?

The answer here is technically yes. Pruning auto strains can be possible if you do earlier. One of the major ideologies at the back of autoflowering strains is removing more work from their needs for maintenance with just occasional checkups and feeding from time to time. If you’re looking to use advanced methods, it is better to cultivate normal marijuana strains.

Autoflowering strains are a good addition to grower’s repertoire, especially to those who grow outdoors. They are also good for growers who live in areas with good climate conditions. However, they don’t allow for advanced methods for more decent yields.

Training Auto Strains

You may want to train your autoflowering plants while they’re in the vegetative stage.For these cannabis plants, this period can last for up to two weeks. In training autoflowering cannabis, consider topping them once they already have three nodes. Topping is an LST or low-stress training method.

Pulling your plants sideways is also a good LST method. Doing it will lead to the development of a new upward grow. When your autoflowering plants start to flower, don’t ever try topping them. Prune the plants conservatively for seven days or less before the flowering stage begins.

Harvest Some from Time to Time

Autoflowering cannabis plants are usually incapable of developing a canopy due to its short vegetative phase. That means you will need everything, even the buds on the bottom. The best solution here is harvesting some buds for now. For instance, you can take the colas for the meantime and give more time for those buds on the bottom. Let them dense up prior to harvesting them.

Get Ready for the Next Planting Season

Having a consistent supply of developing buds to harvest is important, especially if you are growing cannabis for commercial purposes. To get the best return for your investment, don’t forget to plant some new seeds while harvesting the buds. This way, your growing space will continuously produce and provide you with a decent supply of good-looking buds to sell.

Since you’re dealing with autoflowering strains, you can grow some plants and seedlings in just one room without having to worry about the light cycle. Just focus on feeding them the right way for the best possible results in the long run.

Buy Bulk Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Getting Your First Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Today

You can’t get started in growing autoflowering strains for sale without some seeds to grow today. Make sure the seeds you’ll get are of the best quality or else it will be a waste of money and time. Get your first autoflowering seeds now at a reliable local dispensary or seed company online.

Buying bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds online is now easier and more convenient. Seed companies exist in several parts of the world, including the European countries like Spain and the UK. These companies also exist in Canada and in some American states.

Choose quality seeds. Know more about your preferred seed company and be 100% sure of their credibility and reputation. Go for the best for a worry-free cannabis growing experience.