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Forbidden Jelly Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rare and was created by crossbreeding the well known Forbidden Fruit and Jelly Breath North Cascade Cuts. This strain has fluffy popcorn-like green and olive-coloured nugs with deep purple tones all over. This is covered in orange hairs and coated with a frosty purple-toned white trichome.

Its calming effects brought about by its 20% THC levels, this strain is highly recommendable for patients being treated with pain, cramps or muscle spasms.

Forbidden Jelly Strain Review

Forbidden Jelly consumers say that one puff will get you craving for this delicious taste and super relaxed effects. Its buds have a sweet cherry and berry flavor profile with mild hints of tropical fruits that are earthy at the same time. The aroma is also earthy and spice with an overtone of citrus tropical fruits with ripe berry accents.

The Forbidden Jelly has a relaxing high that will get you chilling and laid back so quickly. It has a fast-acting head high that aims for your eyes that will make them droop in no time at all. This will then crawl and spread out through your limbs and eventually your whole body giving an overall sedated and relaxed effect.