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If you’re a true cannabis fan, then you perhaps have known that Canada has recently legalized recreational cannabis. This means that you could smoke or use cannabis freely without taking any judgment or lay any suspicions to other people. It’s truly an achievement for weed smokers in Canada who have been always hoping for the liberation of cannabis laws in the country. However, the battle for cannabis legalization ain’t still going to end yet. There are still restrictions and policies on every government in each province and city that one should obey as needed. Cannabis stores ain’t easy to be erected and you can’t just buy it the way you wanted it. In this article, we will explore the situation and acceptance of these cannabis laws in the province of Edmonton. Likewise, we will learn important things that you should note before visiting Edmonton for a dose of weed. If you’re ready, then scroll below to find out more.

Where is Edmonton?

Of course, not everyone is familiar with this wonderful Canadian city. That is why, we will try to make a brief description regarding the location, geography, and economic situation of this city to better help you picture out what kind of city is this one.

Basically, Edmonton is a city located in the province of Alberta which is in the western portion of Canada. It is currently the provincial capital of Alberta and holds about an estimated population of one million people on a census in 2016. It is considered to be the second largest city in Alberta behind with Calgary and one of the economic hubs in Alberta. As a matter of fact, the city is the home of the largest shopping mall and historical museum in North America. Aside from that, the city boasts on its oil and diamond reserve as well.

Dubbed as the Gateway to the North, the city is a two-day drive from the nearest USA border, Montana. Its located in the northern part of Alberta nearby Calgary on its southern boundary. On its north, you’ll perceive the North Saskatchewan River which flows also on some of Alberta’s municipalities.

Edmonton’s Stand on Cannabis Laws

With the recent legalization of cannabis throughout Canada, the government of Edmonton had been very secular to cannabis laws even before the national law passing. In fact, the province of Alberta had been having talks regarding the legalization of cannabis in their province back in 2017. With the final legalization of cannabis in Canada by 2018, the city’s stand has become stronger towards the legalization of cannabis.

Though the city is liberal on its position with cannabis utilization and purchase, there are still policies and regulations that one must follow. Thus, you can’t just smoke whenever and wherever you wanted. Here are some things you should remember if you are in Edmonton for a weed session;

    Minors below 18 years old are prohibited from using or selling weed

Children should not be allowed to use or even come near to an adult while smoking a weed. Additionally, it is prohibited to be with minor upon going to a cannabis store or dispensary.

    Smoking or vaping cannabis is allowed EXCEPT in some places.

Similar to tobacco or cigarette, here are the places you’ll prohibit to not utilize cannabis. This includes the following;

  • A hospital or a medical facility
  • Inside or outside of a school or university
  • Zoo or children’s park and ground
  • A sports arena
  • Cinema theatre and public entertainment centers
  • Outdoor public pool or beaches
  • Inside or within outside cannabis outlets or stores
    Driving or riding a vehicle on any kind while smoking or vaping cannabis is heavily prohibited

As mandated by Alberta’s laws, sanctions will be given to the person who disobeys the law. Nevertheless, the punishment for this violation will depend on the number of times repeated by the concerned individual.

    Maximum consumption of 30 cannabis grams or equivalent are allowed only for one-time use to a person

As noted, the edible form of cannabis is not permitted and illegal for use. To be secured, it is advised to use only dried cannabis.

    A single family household could grow at MOST four cannabis plants into their home

An exception to this policy will be given to homes where multiple families live. They aren’t allowed to grow even a single one cannabis
into their home. Also, renters and condo owners are prohibited to grow any cannabis as based upon the provincial law agreement by landlords.

    You can only buy cannabis to LICENSED stores or retail outlets

Regulations on establishment and growing of cannabis in Edmonton is mandated by the Zoning Regulations of the city. The cannabis production and distribution are classified on the General Industrial Use zones. Thus, its prohibited to grow and sell for business purposes outside these zones.

    For online purchase and home delivery, then there’s only ONE legal cannabis store that you could visit

This website is currently operated by the government of Alberta. Thus, any online form of purchase other than this website is strictly prohibited.

    Café, restaurants, and lounges with cannabis-infused menu are not allowed.

As to this issue, talks are still been ongoing whether or not to permit this kind of businesses.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Edmonton?

Unlike in Calgary, Edmonton has been a much safer haven for pot users. There are a lot of retailers and cannabis stores you could find in this city. According to globalnews, there are six retail shops been opened on the first day of license activation of cannabis stores in the province of Alberta.

Cannabis Prices in Edmonton

Because of the cannabis legalization in Canada, it is expected that prices on cannabis will decrease because of the increase in its supply. According to the data provided by cbc, average cannabis price back in 2012 is about $10.67. With the legalization of cannabis, a three dollar decrease had been recorded in 2018 amounting about $7.29. This is a few cents more expensive to the national average of $7.20.