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Do Outdoor Marijuana Plants Need Direct Sunlight?

One of the most important components of cannabis growing is using the right light. Whether you are growing cannabis for recreation or for medical use, you need to have the best amount of light and the right kind of grow light so that your plants can grow well and healthy.

But when you are growing outdoor marijuana or if you are located in Canada, do you need direct sunlight to cultivate outdoor marijuana seeds Canada?

The Weed Blog says that you don’t have to worry about growing cannabis because marijuana is a durable and resilient type of plant. There was even a grower who was able to grow a decent yield using only a skylight! Now how can you go wrong if you are growing cannabis using direct sunlight?

What sunlight does to plants

Sunlight gives plants the power to produce leaves and stems, which in turn helps the cannabis plant to retain more sunlight, leading to more growth, larger and better yields. If your cannabis plants don’t receive enough sunlight, no amount of soil and water preparation will compensate for this.

Darkness is also important and in fact, darkness is the one that actually triggers flowering in mature marijuana plants. When a mature plant receives a certain minimum amount of uninterrupted darkness for a week, this tells the plant that the growing season is over and it is time to flower.

The mature marijuana plant will use its energy to produce flowers and it won’t grow taller anymore.  Therefore it is best to grow your marijuana plants as early in the spring so that they receive the maximum amount of light, and can spend most of their life cycle vegging out.

The best spot to stay outdoors

Plant in a spot where your marijuana plants will receive sunlight for the longest possible time each day. When the days are longest, the sun shine for 12 or more hours a day. Look for a location such as an opening, an area free of trees or other structures that could block the sun’s direct rays.

South-facing sites are the best when you are located in the northern hemisphere and vice versa for those in the southern hemisphere. However, this may not be possible for everyone because of many factors like security or access to water and air. Just make sure your cannabis plant receives at least five hours of direct sunlight and five hours of indirect light daily. If you choose between the morning sun and afternoon sun then morning sun is best for growth.

There are northern marijuana growers who encounter a different problem: darkness also is a large factor in northern regions. Because the nights are short, the plants may not have enough time to flower before the cold climate is at hand. For these growers, the ideal solution is to simulate a longer night to trigger flowering.

Therefore the best place to plant outdoors is inside a greenhouse. You have to make sure that darkness must be total as any light marijuana plants gets can affect its flowering phase. It could reveg and start vegging once again if you fail to provide this schedule. It is important to remember that light is important to both the vegetative growth and flowering phases, therefore, it should be considered from the plant’s perspective.

Other factors to consider aside from light

Aside from light, water, temperature, and nutrients, seed genetics are very important. Bad genes will never create high-quality cannabis. And if you want to start growing, you must consider all these factors as well as shopping for good outdoor marijuana seeds Canada to grow better and healthier plants.

Ways to improve lighting

The best way to make sure your cannabis plants get the best amount of light at the correct times of the day is to choose the right location. Choosing the right site can only be done by carefully studying how light and other factors can affect the growth of your plants.

Choose a sunny growing site

As much as possible, choose a growing area outdoors in a place where it can get the most sun exposure. Remember that the days are the longest during the middle of the growing season. This is when the sun could shine for longer than 12 hours a day. It is crucial that you find a location that is free from structures or plants that might cover your plants. Don’t forget that your plants need as much sunlight as possible, so they can maximize their growth potential.

If you are located at the northern hemisphere (United States, Canada Europe), the best location is a spot that is facing the south. The opposite is true for growers found in the southern hemisphere (Australia). However, because of water access and security, it may not be completely possible for all growers around the world.

How much darkness for outdoor plants

As much as your plants need light, you must, at the bare minimum, make sure your marijuana plants are receiving at least five hours of direct sunlight, as well as five additional hours of indirect sunlight. If you have to the device as to whether to use morning sun or afternoon sun then the best choice would be the morning sun. This will surely help stimulate growth more effectively than afternoon sun.

Darkness makes a big difference when you are in regions that are found further north. During the growing season, you might find that night times are short. This means that your plants may not have enough time to flower before the first frost occurs.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible for northern growers to grow healthy plants to get good yields from their crop. This just means that they will need to simulate a longer night to get the plants to start flowering earlier. This is very important because even the briefest amount of light will make plants grow again and avoid flowering. So plan how to provide complete uninterrupted darkness to your plants.

The opposite predicament also happens when you live in the southern hemisphere near the Equator: places here have very long periods of darkness so nighttime will last more than 10 hours each day. If this happens, marijuana plants can flower very early. Growers usually try to cope with this condition and provide light to plants instead of reducing the amount of daytime the plants are exposed to.

If you are facing the same problem, the best approach is to check out the light requirements of your plants for its full life cycle. Light is crucial to all that the plant does, from germinating, vegetation and flowering, therefore, the light should not be taken lightly!

Because marijuana plants grow well outdoors, you will soon find that this is very easy to do once you have successfully done it. All that is needed is the right place to grow plants and the changing amounts of sunlight and the changing seasons should automatically adjust these factors for you.

How much sunlight for marijuana plants

Now consider the amount of light that your plants really need. This is very easy because all cannabis plants need as much light as possible. Therefore, the more sun, the more successful your crops will be.

Growers who are unsure of what to do often plant cannabis seeds in the middle of a garden or in a forest. But for people who have a good understanding of what light does to your plants, growing in the middle of trees is not the best choice at all. Your plants would need to complete just to get light and it is fighting against tall and resilient trees.

The best place is an area where your plants can get enough morning sun and sunlight all day long. Choosing the right spot is indeed challenging because aside from considering lighting, you also have to deal with the safety and security of your plants as well.

Simply take note that without a minimum of five hours of direct sunlight and more hours of indirect sunlight you might only get poor to moderate yields. Look for different areas where you can safely grow your plant. Locate two or three areas so you can weigh in on the options of planting your cannabis plants.

The area should also be big enough to accommodate a lot of plants if you wish to grow multiple plants. You must also allot space for you as you move inside the area and maintain your plants. So all in all, do not rush through these details about light. It can take trial and error to find out the ideal growing area as well as careful planning and smart shopping for outdoor marijuana seeds Canada.

Keep in mind that not all plants are the same. You might find strains that require only partial lighting or sometimes full lighting. You will be able to understand your plants more when you do more research and shop smart for good seeds online or from a local seeds store.