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One of the problems faced by the dispensaries of marijuana seeds is its lifespan and preservation. Considering that not all seeds are in-demand, there will always be stocks that are left behind. Do marijuana seeds get old? Does aging affect the effects of marijuana? We have conducted a research on the lifespan of marijuana seeds and ways on how we can preserve it. We want to manage waste products since the process of producing seeds is no joke.

With the interest in cannabis cultivation, we have conducted a research on the lifespan of cannabis seeds and ways on how will we be able to preserve it. In line to this, we also scrutinized the factors to be considered in putting cannabis seeds in storage and you also have to check if the seeds are healthy to be stored because if it is not, there is a high probability that it can affect the other seeds in the same storage.

What do you need to know about buying cannabis seeds? According to Ms. Julia Wright’s article, you have to consider the availability, quality, gender and growing pattern of the strain. This is where the growth of the strain will be depending on. You have to be mindful that the growth of cannabis is sensitive to environmental factors. Pick the right seeds that you will be able to cultivate and that you are well-acquainted with. Considering that there are a variety of seed banks all over the market, both in-store and online, go for the seeds that have undergone extensive research and quality control. If poor quality seeds are being dispensed, rest-assured that it will not be able to sprout and it will be difficult for you to transplant.

About Marijuana Seeds

A seed is composed of two reproductive organs. One is male and the other is female. There are a variety of seeds sold in in-store and online seed banks. There is high-potency marijuana flowers, seedless and sinsemilla. The sprouting of seeds, also known as germination, is a process wherein the plant starts to develop from the seed. This is the so-called transformation from seed to plant. It proves that the flowering time has begun.

To be a successful grower, you need to have sufficient information about what you are trying to grow. The sensitivity of the indica pot that you will be growing will vary on the strain that you are trying to grow. Conduct research and start cultivating on easy-growing strains in order to gain experience in terms of resistance to molds and mildews, preferred environment and temperature. There is a variety of seed banks online and in the market that will help you choose the best seed that will suit your preferences whether if it’s growing for recreational or medical utilization.

Life Expectancy of Marijuana Seeds

With proper storage and curing, marijuana seeds can last from five up to six years. Though, you should not take these seeds for granted. It should be checked every once and awhile. Proper storage is the key for it to last long. Keeping it stored in a dark and dry environment, it will be able to last for years. Bear in mind that older marijuana seeds tend to take longer to germinate than young ones. It affects its growth considering that not all will flourish and sprout. You have to monitor the storage of the seeds because if one is infected, the other seeds will be the same too putting all seeds into waste. As much as possible, make sure that the place that you will be storing it is not exposed to moisture and heat because this might generate sprouting of the seeds.

What to Consider in Storing Your Seeds for Future


During the cultivation process of cannabis, it is essential for it to be exposed to sunlight for photosynthesis. But when the seeds are for storing already, you need to prevent your seeds from being exposed to too much sunlight because there is a high probability that the seeds might burn out. It damages the cannabinoid content of the seed causing it to oxidize and break down. It is also best if you store it in containers which do not easily conduct heat.


Excessive air is a bad thing for cannabis seeds. Air can cause the seed to gradually deteriorate through time ending up being rotten or rusty. In addition to this, the effects of too much air alleviate the cannabinoid content affecting its potency. It is best if these seeds are stored where there is minimal exposure to oxygen.


Too much exposure to both hot and cold temperature can damage the cannabis seeds. Hot temperature tends to break down the cannabinoid content of your seeds. The ideal temperature should be between 20 up to 30 degree Celsius for it to avoid growth of molds. In addition to this, high temperature causes the trichomes to easily fall off.


Humidity and moisture cause the seeds to end up being toxic when smoked because of the growth of spores. The bad thing about humidity is that the fluctuations happen so rapidly. There is a high probability that molds will grow when it is exposed to a sudden change in temperature and humidity because it produces moisture.


Yes, marijuana seeds get old. Over time, if it is not preserved and stored well, there is a high probability that the seeds would not be able to sprout, to transplant and to grow. Its life expectancy is long enough for you to cultivate a bag of seeds in no time. You just have to make sure that you follow procedures and take note of the factors to be considered in terms of storage. Does age affect the effects of marijuana in the long run? Yes, it does. There is a high probability that the cannabinoid content has broken down due to exposure to warm temperature and humidity. The cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol would not be just as much as it was before.