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The ComPassion, otherwise known as CBD Compassion, has varying propagation claims from different sources. Some sites list it (particularly its breeder site) as an indoor/greenhouse only photoperiod feminized marijuana CBD strain with a respectable 400-450 g/m² yield indoors. Other sites claim that since it’s a mostly Sativa type of half-breed (a cross between Nepal strains and CBD Sativa strains), it should be able to grow outdoors with no problem, producing 550-750 g/plant and reaching heights of 1 to 2 meters. Ergo, it’s up to the consumer whether this should be planted indoors or outdoors. At any rate, the Sativa and Indica weed CBD was created mostly for medicinal purposes.

To be more specific, just as CBD Blue Shark was made for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and No Name was bred for its extremely relaxing and sedative stone, the so-called ComPassion’s main claim to fame is its heavy body effect that has less of an impact your senses and alertness. Many patients suffering from various pathologies will benefit from ComPassion’s high CBD content (6-8.5%) and THC levels (6-14.7%). It approaches a 1:1 ratio between CBD and THC levels at its minimum (6% on both fronts), while at their maximum levels it’s more 9:15 (3:5) or 8:14 (4:7) favoring THC.

If you’re someone who has to undergo painful treatments, it is the “compassionate” hand that will mercifully give you “sweet release” from the pain (that’s not euthanasia). As expected of the mostly Sativa plant, expect an uplifting high tempered with the Indica benefit of complete physical relaxation. This pot is also quite vigorous when grown, sprouting high yields indoors and/or outdoors at 8-9 weeks or 60-65 days. As far as the cannabis world is concerned, CBD Compassion is an aromatic addition (with a complex, refined taste of pine wood, lemon, and spices) to the medicinal weed front.


• Genetics: Mostly Sativa
• Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
• Yield: 400-450 g/m² (indoors) 550-750 g/plant (outdoors)
• Height: 100-200 cm
• Flowering Time: 60-65 days
• Effect: Heavy body effect but less cerebral impact
• THC Level: 6-14.7%
• CBD Level: 6-8.5%
• Growing: Easy to moderate