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For those marijuana growers who have space outside their house, they opted to do the outdoor method of marijuana planting since it is cheaper compared to the indoor growing. The outdoor way of growing and planting marijuana is cheaper since the sun provides the light and the plants grow in their natural setting making the grower spend less in the electricity. Despite the cheapness of the outdoor method of planting, growers will have to face and expect some problems regarding outdoor marijuana growing.

Privacy. What would be sacrificed first when you opted for the outdoor method of growing your marijuana is you personal space or privacy. Since marijuana is not an everyday plant, people from your neighborhood might be curious about the plant that you are growing. The worst thing that could happen is the stealing of your plant that you have invested much in. The best thing to avoid this is to build-up fence around the marijuana garden or a greenhouse

Pests and Animal Lurkers. Human beings are not your only enemy when invading your privacy since, given the fact that your marijuana grows outdoor, it means that it can attract other elements such as animals and pests. Most marijuana variant expels scent such as muddy, citrus and sweet odors that can attract pests that will hinder the growth or your plant and worst, its destruction.

Natural Forces. As a human, you do not have the power to fight the natural movement of your plant’s environment. When you plant your marijuana variant outside, it means that you trust nature to take its course and do its fate to your plant. Sometimes, there are unexpected natural disasters that can harm your plant. For example, the heat and direct light from the sun during summer can only harm your plant that can lead to its discoloration, decay and death.

Also, imbalances in the chemical composition of your plants that is outside your control will occur regularly when your plants are growing outside. For example, if you happen to see spots on your plant that is color purple or brown, it means that your plant suffers phosphorus deficiency. If there are yellow lines on the veins of the leaf, it means that your plant is suffering from potassium deficiency. If your marijuana plant’s leaves turn yellow or white while having green veins, it means that your plant is insufficient of iron.