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Plenty of beginner marijuana growers prefer the indoor method of growing marijuana because they believe that it will grow safe since it is away or hidden from the eyes of the public and the infection of pests and because of the reason that these growers have no adequate space outside. Because of too much trust and dependency, some indoor marijuana growers tend to stay relaxed because they believed that their indoor marijuana plants will be free from harm and problems but despite that their plants grow inside, problems will still occur.

Cost.The initial and the most common problem encountered by marijuana growers who practice indoor growing encounters the problem and issue of money. Compared to the outdoor method, the indoor method is more costly than the other. Since the plants grow inside the house, the planter must provide the needs of the plant that are naturally provided by nature. The planter must provide an artificial light that will emit the same light like sun, watering system and space including the insecticides and odorizer.

Light. Another problem encountered by growers who preferred practicing indoor growing is the problem of the inadequate light source. In indoor growing, planters provide a substitute lighting system that will copy the benefits given by the sunlight. Sometimes, the apparatus used by the indoor grower in producing light is not enough or incomparable to the benefits of natural lighting.

Space. The place and space where the pots of the plants will be located can also be a major problem when planters grow plenty of plants more than the capacity of the space inside the house. There are marijuana variants that grow small but have wide use of space and some variants that grow tall but use a little of space. To be safe, it is important to identify first the location of your marijuana’s safe place and research about the maximum space that can be occupied by your marijuana plant.

Odor. One major headache encountered by indoor marijuana growers is the odor emitted by the plants. There are marijuana variants that emit citrus and fruity scent making them attract some ants and insects. Worst, there are marijuana variants that emit gross and muddy odors making the home unpleasant. The best thing to do with this issue is to invest in fresheners or check the roots of your plants if there are rotten or dying parts since this is where the odd smell comes from.