Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Marijuana growers have a good health investment in this plant since not all people are capable and allowed to grow and harvest such plants. Since marijuana is not an everyday plant, many people commits repetitive mistakes that made them fail in growing marijuana.

I am proud of my marijuana plant. Is this bad?

Being proud of marijuana is not a wrong thing. What made this act bad is when you started to boast your marijuana garden and letting many people know about it since they will have big interest and they will start to pry and worst, invade your private space.

I plant my marijuanas outside. Will they grow better than the plants growing inside?

There are two methods of planting marijuanas and they are outdoor and indoor methods. Not because your plants are receiving natural light from the sun and natural nutrients from the soil will mean that they will grow better and healthier than the plants cultivated inside. There is nothing wrong with planting marijuanas outside. The problem is the mind setting of the planter who will just lead the fate of his marijuana garden to the natural forces.

Is watering and giving them fertilizers more than their needs secure their healthy growth?

Certainly not. Too much of something is bad. Giving them more nutrients will not make them healthier. It will only make them sick because they are receiving much more than they need and more than their systems can take. You don’t have to fertilize your plant every time you water them.

Is it wrong to only have a one-size container for my marijuana?

For plants, the saying one size fits all is not relevant and not true. It can only harm them. One of the major issues that happens concerning the growth of the plant is that most marijuana growers are not aware that marijuana roots grow fast. Do not make your plant to be bounded by roots since this will hinder their growth and make the receive less nutrients from the soil. One of the best thing to do is to transfer the plants in a bigger container so that the roots can grow properly.

I am very particular and becomes obsessive compulsive regarding the growth of my plants. Is it bad?

For first timer planters of marijuana, these plants are like your babies that when something irregular happen, you start to fret and not focus at all. The best thing to do is to stay calm. You don’t have to buy plant medicines or fertilizers immediately when you see your plant growing some irregular colored spots.