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It is a strain of medical cannabis grown like the typical medical pots we know. Unlike the more popular strain which are high in THC content, this strain is significantly of low CBD which means that it has more of non-psychoactive effects over other breeds. In pricing, it costs a little less as the THC content is not concentrated but the as the popularity became more evident, the rise in prices became inevitable too.

What is the history of Charlotte’s Web?

In 2001, Stanley brothers, being one of the top cultivators of medical cannabis known bred the medical weeds with the industrial hemp. This resulted to a variety of strains having less THC and more CBD compounds in them. If you are concern with the buzz you get in medical weeds, then you should be using this strain as it has enhanced medical value over recreational purposes.

It got its name after a child born in 2006 which was diagnosed to have congenital epilepsy at the age of two. Her parents, after trying all the prescriptions from medical doctors found their way to trying medical weeds for their child. Allegedly, improvements were seen with the condition of their child. The Stanley brothers decided to name the strain after the girl patient who was relieved of the illness after application of the same.

How is Charlotte’s Web used in Medicinal Purposes?

After the discovery of this strain, it was extracted as Realm Oil in which it can be used more conveniently without the hassle of processing the buds your own. This has made possible the use of many patients in an effective manner. It has gained popularity because of a much medical reputation it has been for having much of the pain killer components which is the reason why patients are after them.

Charlotte’s Web became even more popular when it became the subject of one of CNN’s documentary about medical weeds. The story related by the family who resorted to medical weeds was heard by many. Thinking about the suffering patients will be using medical marijuana and still composing their mental focus that will not damage their brain is a favorable story.

Which diseases are treated by Charlotte’s Web?

Due to the demand on this strain, people went after if for relief of the following diseases.

  • Seizures
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Nausea
  • Atrophy
  • Extreme Weight Loss