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As a marijuana user, it is important for you to know the components of the plant and buds that you are smoking. You should not take for granted the information you knew about smoking marijuana. As a user it is a must for you to know the chemical contents present in the buds since these chemical properties lead and contribute to the healing and calming effects of smoking weed.

What is CBD?

Marijuana users are more aware of the THC chemical or tetrahydrocannabinol but only a few are aware of CBD or cannabidiol. This substance, cannabidiol is one of the main ingredients present in the bud extract of marijuana. CBD has more healing content compared to THC. Be minded that the cannabidiol varies from plant to plants. Each marijuana variant has different levels of CBD. Also, it was later found out that CBD or cannabidol has a big contribution in the potential and effects of marijuana.

Medical Benefits of CBD

Cannabidol is an important substance in marijuana smoking since it is the ingredient wherein the healing powers of marijuana located. Also, it is worthy to know that the CBD chemical does not cause a high or fleeting effect since it is the THC that produces the high. In short CBD is not psychoactive. CBD or cannabidiol contains the healing property of any marijuanas. The CBD has anti-emetic properties that fight nausea and vomiting, anti-convulsant that prevent seizure attacks, anti-psychotic that fights psychosis orders, anti-inflammatory that combats inflammations and other related problems, anti-oxidant that fights ageing problems, anti-cancer that combats cancer cells to reproduce a lot and anti-depressant for anxiety and depression.

CBD Acting as A Balance to THC

Another thing that makes cannabidiol or CBD an important content in any marijuana strain is that it serves as a balance to the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD somehow offers natural protection against the high caused by THC. The CBD acts as a counter to the high and intoxicating effects of THC. An imbalance between the two chemical compounds can be lethal but some users grow marijuana with higher CBD content to avoid or lessen the high. THC as opposed to CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol can cause disorientation and anxiety when smoked and used in a large amount. To counter these effects of THC, cannabidiol prevents and counter these harmful effects.

In short, cannabidiol is an important substance in marijuana because it serves as a balance to the high effect of THC and provides smokers with a lot of medical benefits.