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CBD Kush is a combination of Kandy Kush and cannabidiol dominant strain. This auto flowering plant is rich in cannabidiol varieties with an estimated 1:1 ratio of THC: CBD hence, the tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol levels are the same. It means that this plant contains 7% of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol levels. It is a mixture of Indica and Sativa properties. But as this type of marijuana plant grows, you will see that this feminized weed has more of an Indica feature than Sativa.

This weed CBD plant does not only contain medicinal properties. It also has large buds that grow abundantly. This pot CBD is like a pine tree that has a robust structure. The leaves of this auto flowering plant are expansive and they are quite close from each other. Since it is an Indica dominant plant, cannabidiol kush does not grow too tall. The average height of this plant is 100cm. tall.

As per its growing climate, this CBD plant can grow both indoors and outdoors. If you are going to plant this weed inside, it will take 9-10 weeks until it reaches its maturity and the average yield will be 450-500mg/m2. But if you will plant it outside your greenhouse, the average harvest will be 600-800mg/m2 and you can reap them in mid-October.

This plant has a citrusy taste and smell. You can compare it to a baked pastry that you can buy in a bakery. This medicinal marijuana plant is best for those people who have psychological problems like depression and anorexia. It can also heal people who are having difficulties in going to sleep (insomnia) and for those people who experience muscle pain in different parts of your body. With these medicinal benefits, a lot of medical users use this auto flowering strain to heal different illnesses.

CBD Kush Strain Information

  • Genetics: Mostly Indica
  • Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Yield: 450-500mg/m2 for indoor and 600-800mg/m2 for outdoor
  • Height: 100cm
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
  • Effect: Heals muscle pain, anorexia, insomnia and depression
  • THC Level: 7%
  • CBD Level: 7%
  • Growing: Moderate