Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Cannabis seeds low thc high cbd content are rocking up to the Marijuana Industry because of the variety of their desired benefits and effects to millions of users around the world.

The innovation of Cannabis use in modern times did not stop from what the previous advocates contribute to the discovery of chemical contents. New chemicals have been discovered and can easily be filtered with scientific manipulation in a series of long experiments and rigid laboratory works.

With or without a flavor, aromatic or odorless, with opaque color or transparent, these CBD extracts are making the users go crazy, fuzzy and more curious on its chemical contents. They may differ from one another during and after the process of extraction, but what does it really take for these seeds to grow influential and important in the world of Cannabis?

CBD Isolate

This type of CBD is the simplest and purest of its form that we can extract with hemp plants. This composition is simply done by filtering out all the unnecessary particles in the process of extraction until the product reaches the oil alone.

With CBD Isolate, all the other chemicals that are seen in a Marijuana plant will be simply removed thru filtration, such as THC, Terpene, the plant’s chlorophyll, and other organic matter.

Because of its pure and simple content, isolates can be suggestively added with edibles and other oils which creates tasteless yet satisfying results after using an Indica strain. This variation is best for people who hate strong earthy flavors in their consumed strains, and are popularly mixed with edibles and other weeding instruments.

CBD Distillate

This type of chemical is highly refined and extracted. One more refining and distillates will become isolates. This chemical composes of about 80% Cannabidiol and the remaining 20% are traces of Terpene, Cannabinoids and other organic elements that are seen with a hemp plant.

With CBD Distillates, other chemicals are intentionally retained to produce another type of effect which is highly enjoyed by many people. CBD Distillates are popularly used for capsules, vape products and tinctures.

Distillates may contain high THC content compared to isolates that have none. Because of this, Distillates may harm people and considered as an illegal substance by the United States.

Full Spectrum CBD

This type of chemical has all the contents extracted from the first process and no single contents will be intentionally deduced nor filtered out. With this extraction, Full Spectrum CBD has an array of vitamins, cannabinoids, and terpenes. The good thing is that it has no high THC content, making its status be included in the legal substances for Medical Cannabis.

Because the contain other essential chemicals produced in a hemp plant, Full Spectrum CBDs are the most used chemical to treat different illnesses of which powerful prescription and antibiotic drugs cannot suppress.

The Comparisons

Both Isolates and Full Spectrums contain no THC at all, while Distillates have. Because of the high traces of THC, these chemicals are technically considered as legal in many countries, while Distillates are strictly prohibited.

Distillates and Full Spectrums contain other chemicals essential for treating users’ needs, while Isolates have no chemical aside from the CBD itself.

Isolates work with CBD alone, while Full Spectrums have this entourage effect in which all the present chemicals work together to create an effective healing solution.

When looking at the pyramid diagram, the base of the structure is the isolates, followed by distillates and the Full Spectrum CBD.

Isolates are the base due to their pure state and content. As the distillates extract with a greater number of chemicals, this is more effective yet harmful at the same time, due to a high THC content. On its top is the Full Spectrum which gives the full blast of all present chemicals in an extracted hemp plant, coordinating and helping one another to produce a wonderful effect that benefits you.

Of all these three, the Full Spectrum is the most effective, most used, most popular and most successful chemical in the three variants. Isolates are the purest CBD that helps a patient recover and heals quickly.

How will you choose?

We may feature a certain type of chemical that you should use for regular consumption, but these things will all boil down to you. You are the end terminal of this process and your decision will forever change the way you see and think of Cannabis strains.

Some people want to have their strains full in chemical composition, and this may lead them to use Full Spectrum. Some does not want any after taste at all, and this may consider them to use isolates. Others may consider distillate due to its challenging legal status.

Others want the natural way of consuming without eliminating any other chemical kinds of stuff in their strain. Some like the silent type of healing wherein no sweetness and bitterness are seen and felt, only the healing itself.

There are instances that people want their strains with lesser chemicals but has higher THC content. Some may alter the taste of a full spectrum CBD, flow it with aromatic fragrances and sweet flavors and quietly modifies the taste of isolates.

We have different preferences in choosing what is good and best for us. I may choose isolates and others may think I am a boring person. You may prefer Full Spectrum and people may hate you for liking the after taste that they do not want to taste again.

In the other hand, people may use isolates because they want things to turn out into simple and easy. Some will like the full spectrum due to amazing variants, extravagance and benefits it may bring during the use.

The choice is yours and remembers, that whatever CBD variant you may choose, it will surely reflect a part of your genuine personality. Be happy, use low THC and high CBD Cannabis Seeds. Use weeds safely and happily!