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As a rule of thumb for medical marijuana CBD, if you want your marijuana to be more medicinal (whether it’s for the painkilling, anti-inflammatory benefits of Indica-dominant strains or the antidepressant, mentally uplifting Sativa-dominant strains), breeders will reduce the mind-blowing effects of THC and increase the curative properties of CBD cannabinoids, hence the creation of the CBD Critical Cure strain. It won’t make you sleep like No Name or make you see stars as if you’ve been punched like Jack La Mota. However, in terms of pain relief and heavy medicinal properties (like encouraging healing), this weed CBD is the pot to beat.

This particular breed of weed is a CBD Crew Mother and Critical Kush hybrid strain of the mostly Indica variety, which explains why this medical feminized weed has more focus on being medicinal than recreational, so to speak. In terms of its high CBD content, this Mary Jane plant lives up to its Critical Cure name by offering a higher CBD ratio (its CBD level is at 8.13%) when compared to its lowered THC levels (which is at 5.5%). This new variety of medical and feminized hybrid strain has an exceptionally high (and stable) CBD levels, thus giving it a potent and intensely earthy profile.

Its earthiness also has a hint of sweetness to it, which makes it a tasty favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. At any rate, when it comes to healing and relaxation, Critical Cure is the curative weed for you. If you have pain relief with moderated effects and couch lock just short of being a sedative-like drug (such as the aforementioned No Name), this is the weed to get. The best time to harvest this is when the plant matures and thick, heavy colas appear all over it after 60-65 days (or 8-9 weeks). It’s medium height and 400 g/m² yield is acceptable, but its true claim-to-fame is its painkilling effects.

CBD Critical Cure Strain Information

  • Genetics: Mostly Indica
  • Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Yield: 400 g/m²
  • Height: 50-70 cm
  • Flowering Time: 60-65 days
  • Effect: Moderated pain relief and couch lock stone
  • THC Level: 5.5%
  • CBD Level: 8.13%
  • Growing: Easy to moderate