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As far as marijuana CBD is concerned, the CBD Blue Shark is the hybrid “lovechild” of Blue Cheese and CBD Shark, which has resulted in the much-sought-after 1:1 THC-CBD ratio of sociable and medicinal highs of the mostly Indica sort. This photoperiod, feminized strain enjoys a 50-70 cm height ranged whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors, plus the best month for harvest for this particular pot CBD breed is 8-9 weeks or 60-65 days before the end of September for optimum growth and flowering development. Thanks to its “cheesy” parentage, the CBD Shark displays a berry-like, sweet, and citrusy flavoring characteristic of Blue Cheese.

Its high CBD content of 6.5% isn’t overwhelmed or overshadowed in any way by its perfectly mirrored high THC level of 6.5% as well, thus the highs you can acquire from this type of grass is more moderate and sociable (it’s certainly nothing like the “lethal” doses of 20-25% THC from No Name or even the couch-locking 15-20% THC of No Name and Jack La Mota). What’s more, the resulting smoke and taste is quite engaging, ranging from pungent cheese to fragrant, delectable berries that come together with CBD Shark’s signature citrusy tang (thus smoking this is reminiscent of a wine-tasting session).

In short, if you want to get marijuana’s medicinal benefits without having your alertness compromised and your mind altered (which is what THC is best at), then this is the breed of weed for you. The true claim to fame that this citrusy pot shark has that other sharks or weed strains don’t is its increased focus in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Your doctor might be able to hand you a prescription of this weed in case you’re suffering from some sort of inflammation disorder, which also means you can probably bring along Blue Shark in many more places since it can be used for medicinal purposes.

CBD Blue Shark Strain Information

  • Genetics: Mostly Indica
  • Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Yield: 400 g/m²
  • Height: 50-70 cm
  • Flowering Time: 60-65 days
  • Effect: Anti-inflammatory and sociable high
  • THC Level: 6.5%
  • CBD Level: 6.5%
  • Growing: Easy to moderate