How to Find the Best Soil for Indoor Cannabis Plants

One of the many parameters that a weed breeder should take into consideration is the quality of the soil that will be used. Selecting the best quality soil can take you several steps forward in cultivating your very own weed farm. There are some pointers that you need to consider to know which is the best soil for indoor cannabis [...]

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10 Tips for Starting Indoor Cannabis Culture

Indoor marijuana farms are becoming a hit among weed enthusiasts for its capability to provide quality buds for personal consumption. Keeping up with the current trends on growing marijuana will keep you going but mastering the basics will help you stay on your feet. Actually, it is quite easy to culture cannabis indoor with just a few things to remember [...]

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How to Make Indica Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures can be the most infamous way to enjoy marijuana. Tinctures are useful due to their subtle nature and their ability to allow the active ingredients of marijuana to peak faster. For most cannabis users, tinctures are more effective than any other methods to consume weed like pills, cream, dissolvable strips, and gummies. But this will still depend on your [...]

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Do Marijuana Seeds Get Old

One of the problems faced by the dispensaries of marijuana seeds is its lifespan and preservation. Considering that not all seeds are in-demand, there will always be stocks that are left behind. Do marijuana seeds get old? Does aging affect the effects of marijuana? We have conducted a research on the lifespan of marijuana seeds and ways on how we [...]

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Benefits of CBD in Medical Cannabis

What is the importance of CBD content in medical cannabis? Cannabidiol content is the negating element housed in medical weeds. Negating the negative effects of THC which is known to give the psychoactive effects to the patients as well as optimizing the positive effects of THC as a pain killer are the uses of CBD in a medical pot. CBD [...]

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Why CBD content is important when buying Medical marijuana seeds?

The tremendous importance of the CBD contents when buying Medical marijuana seeds is attributed to its capacity to slow down the symptoms of cancer such as lung cancer and prostate cancer including other chronic and serious conditions. An example is the vanishing of tumors which are cancerous in nature as being claimed by the patients. Higher CBD content is advisable [...]

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What you should know about CBD in Medical Marijuana

How the discovery of CBD in Medical Marijuana came to be known? In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs in the medical community is the discovery of the healing effects of the CBD in medical marijuana without the buzz. One of the safest ways to get cured without inducing the psychoactive effects of the THC. Perhaps, it easily gained popularity [...]

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What will you gain and High CBD Marijuana Benefits

Many smokers just know one of the elements contained within their favorite cannabis. It is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is the compound that is responsible for the high that one gets when smoking. THC is all that but the medical properties of cannabis can be found within cannabidiol or CBD. When you buy marijuana with high CBD content that means [...]

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What is the best growing medium for Marijuana with High CBD contents?

Due to drastic advances with science, there are now many things that can be used as an alternative to soil when you choose to grow cannabis with High CBD contents hydroponically. True that soils houses some of the nutrients that are critical to the plant’s growth but all of these can be provided manually. There are now several mediums that [...]

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What CBD in Weed does to you?

What CBD in weed does to you | CBD is the second most common chemical In the cannabis plant after THC. The lowest amount of chemical CBD is found in ‘skunk’ compared to all other types of cannabis. CBD is good stuff. What CBD in weed does to you is it blocks the bad effects of THC, like hallucinations, anxiety [...]

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What are your options in Growing Marijuana with High CBD contents?

When you decide to go into Growing Marijuana with High CBD contents, you need to make sure that you really have the time and patience because having inconsistency during the growing cycle can take toll on your yield. There are tons of steps that you need to take before actually growing pot in order to lessen your chances of screwing [...]

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Top Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD

What are the Top Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD? After the success stories of the cure brought by the CBD-rich medical pots, growing of medical weeds with a high content of this compound has been the target of many growers. The demand in the market has made many breeders experiment on their medical cannabis to yield out one which [...]

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Tips on how to increase the CBD content in your medical cannabis

Is CBD compound possible to be increased in growing of medical marijuana? Just THC and other compounds present in the medical cannabis, CBD can also be increased. It depends upon the grower and his skills whether he will be capable to enhance them. Most likely, it also depends upon the genetics of the medical cannabis he is growing. How do [...]

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The Science behind Marijuana CBD

What is Marijuana CBD? Marijuana CBD or CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a component found in medical marijuana. It has medical effects but this actually counter the THC effects. Before, high-THC medical weeds were made available but now some strains are grown and cultivated with CBD contents for the patients. Why go for marijuana with CBD? Medical cannabis with [...]

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Should you grow Marijuana with High CBD contents?

Deciding whether or which you should grow pot with High CBD contents is a very important one especially if it’s the stash that you are after. You need to know that the harvest is dependent on the environment that the grower provided. The more stressful the environment, the lesser the quantity and quality of the harvest. That is why it [...]

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Risks of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is the best method to perform if the cultivator wants to save money since growing the plant outside the house is cost-efficient. The saving brought by planting the plants outside makes the planter save on the electricity bill due to the natural light provided by the sun. Despite being cheap, the outdoor planting technique is risky due [...]

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