How to Remove Seeds from Marijuana Buds

Sometimes a grower needs to move to a new type of strain because having to grow similar strain might not produce more income. However, you may have other reasons like you need a new set of strains to produce and there is not enough space to cultivate them. Just keep a clone or the mother plant, however, you still have [...]

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Best Place to Buy High CBD Seeds

For several generations, people have been growing cannabis seeds that are used for many purposes. What is interesting is that the many varieties of seeds are wide - where their characteristics are varied most especially for their resistance, production levels, and smell. What is legal and what is with the Cannabis CBD seeds? This guide contains the information that you [...]

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High CBD Seeds Product FAQ

In recent years and current trends, CBD oil has catapulted considerably to our attention its benefits as it has a lot of medicinal solutions to overcoming certain health conditions. If you need CBD oil to aid you in your medical conditions, you need to find the best quality CBD oil seeds in the market that addresses your requirements. FAQ for [...]

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Top Marijuana Growers in Washington State

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Washington? Good news for growers looking to find a way of buying marijuana seeds in the State of Washington. As of 2012, this state no longer prohibits the possession and cultivation of recreational marijuana. If you are also considering investing in marijuana business the information provided below will give you additional insights with the [...]

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8 Signs of Cannabis Abusement

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, medical and recreational users enjoy growing Canada cannabis seeds. While cannabis consumption is now accepted in the country, be careful with dosing because cannabis addiction may result due to high THC levels. What are the signs of cannabis abuse? According to Wikipedia, cannabis abuse causes symptoms affecting the behavior, cognitive, physical, and psychosocial aspects [...]

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Cultivating High CBD Indica Pot Seeds: Comprehensive Guide

Everyone can be a consumer, but not everyone can be a grower. If you are way past the beginner’s baby steps and want to experiment more of what this industry has to offer, here are some tips about how to find high CBD seeds for sale. If you are still researching, this article will talk about the basics too. What [...]

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Growing CBD Weed in Canada: What’s It Like?

Before the legalization of the use of cannabis in Canada, CBD is deemed illegal. However, in today’s era, CBD weed in Canada has been widely accepted and considered legal. The unusual stance considering high CBD cannabis in Canada is how people view CBD products with no different to THC. This is a common and widespread mistake which the majority of [...]

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5 Best High CBD Strains to Grow Indoors

Cannabis is a very popular commodity in today’s modern era. While it was always the most popular plant in the history of the world, the spotlight has since shone even brighter after several countries and states in North America started legalizing its use for both recreational and medicinal purposes. As such, people all over the world are now using strains [...]

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Cannabis 101: Blue Cheese Strain Grow Tips

This strain is originally developed in Europe and has made a notch in becoming one of the most promising cannabis strain because of its characteristics, potency, effects, and way of cultivation. To be able to produce a high-quality strain, one must have the time and effort to help it become one. Characteristics Blue Cheese Strain has a balanced characteristic from [...]

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Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Commercially: Tips and Tricks

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are the newest type of weed that became widely available in the commercial markets only in the past few years. However, they’ve been taking the entire market by storm. If you’re planning to grow cannabis strains for commercial purposes, you should consider buying bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds. Likewise, this guide will help you get started. Autoflowering Marijuana [...]

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Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Plants to Grow in Hot Climates

Preparing Outdoor Cannabis Seeds For Planting When it comes to plants and their place in this world, one thing is true: they need us as much as we need them. This is simply because there is no one single weed that exists all by its lonesome and rarely will it be exempt from the rule of nature—even exceptionally good ones [...]

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Common Problems in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

For those marijuana growers who have space outside their house, they opted to do the outdoor method of marijuana planting since it is cheaper compared to the indoor growing. The outdoor way of growing and planting marijuana is cheaper since the sun provides the light and the plants grow in their natural setting making the grower spend less in the [...]

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Common Problems in Growing Marijuana Indoors

Plenty of beginner marijuana growers prefer the indoor method of growing marijuana because they believe that it will grow safe since it is away or hidden from the eyes of the public and the infection of pests and because of the reason that these growers have no adequate space outside. Because of too much trust and dependency, some indoor marijuana [...]

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CBD VS THC: Which one is Most Preferred by Marijuana Growers & Users

Medical marijuana is a revelation in the medical field as it has been the center of research for continuous discovery of its medical effects. Compounds in it have the ability and capacity to cure illnesses especially those that leads to pain, anxiety and majority of the neurological disorders. Sought after by the patients, medical marijuana was proven to be their [...]

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Breeding Medical Marijuana Variants

If it is your first time to grow marijuana, it is important that you do it right for the first trial and time since you do not want to waste all time, money and efforts exerted to your plants. As a medical marijuana grower, it is important that you are also knowledgeable about its breeds and the way of reproducing [...]

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