Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

This strain is originally developed in Europe and has made a notch in becoming one of the most promising cannabis strain because of its characteristics, potency, effects, and way of cultivation. To be able to produce a high-quality strain, one must have the time and effort to help it become one.


Blue Cheese Strain has a balanced characteristic from its lineage Cheese and Blueberry. As the name implies, it has a sweet and fruity flavor that is favored by many connoisseurs and even by medical patients. It is one of the strains that require low maintenance in growing because of its adaptability and its natural ability to fight plant diseases.

Seed Banks would opt to cultivate and sell this strain because of its potency that has a big contribution to the medical industry. Its Indica effects have the power to combat mental and physical disorders while its Sativa properties aids in the mental functioning that gives a soothing relaxation feeling that gives alertness and focused to do a task.

Growing Techniques

Blue Cheese Strain has a versatility that can be grown indoors or outdoors, whether in soil or hydroponics but the level of care that you need to give depends on what growing medium will be used. A lot of cultivators consider growing this strain because whatever growing medium is used there is no relative difference in the amount of yield.

With its short flowering span of fewer than 17 days during the vegetative strain. This strain can grow tall that is why different training techniques are necessary such as Low-Stress Training, Screen of Green, and High-Stress Training such as topping, and stem mutilation.

  • Low-Stress Training

is a method that involves tying and bending the cannabis plant branches downwards usually in an “L” shape to make sure that the auxin is properly distributed throughout the plant’s body as it continues to grow. The goal of this training technique is to expose a number of bud sites that will sprout upwards.

  • Screen of Green

In this training technique, its goal is to create a canopy by allowing the plant’s branches to grow through the screen. As the branch reaches the screen, simply tuck the branches back until it weaves into the screen to let the production of more colas.

  • High-Stress Training

This training method is specifically done during the vegetative stage until the early phase of the flowering phase where it requires less time. Under High-Stress Training there are two methods that are used to grow this strain, the stem mutilation, and the topping.

  • Stem mutilation

This type of training method is an aggressive version where the branches are tied down until the fibers break off to be able to roll and squeeze it easier for more light exposure.

  • Topping

This training method requires nothing but the use of your fingernails to achieve the goal which is to have a better plant shape and produce more colas that lead to bigger yields. In this technique, the top of the plant is cut in between nodes.

Tips in Growing this Strain

  • During the vegetative stage, your plant will stretch out, if you want your plant to grow taller ensure to feed your plant with more phosphorus.
  • The indication that you have successfully grown this strain if the buds have a bluish and purple hint. To achieve this, maintain a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night and 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit at daytime.
  • One of the reasons why this strain is vigorous is because of its characteristics that can absorb all kinds of nutrients. To maintain the strains rigorousness, make sure to feed it with the right mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium with a little bit mixture of Magnesium and Calcium and Silica.
  • Its ability to absorb nutrients to be a vigorous plant is made possible by its pH level. This strain prefers a pH level between 6.3-6.5 so be sure that the soil contains the right pH level and that the water to be used in watering is at the right level.
  • Aside from feeding it with the right nutrients, the use of proper training techniques to be used is vital in increasing your yield just make sure to do it carefully so as not to hurt the cannabis plant.
  • Throughout the lifecycle of this strain, it prefers a lower humidity level. Ensure that during its vegetative stage the humidity level is at 60%, on its flowering stage the humidity level should be at 50% and 1 week before harvest, make sure that the humidity level is at 30%.
  • If you made it to the point of harvesting and curing it, make sure to conduct the right way of curing because it is the only tip that can make your cannabis product longer.

Final Thoughts

Before deciding to cultivate and grow Blue Cheese Strain, one must be truly dedicated. Without dedication, there is a low chance of reaping your hard work to pay off.