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Where’s the best place to buy marijuana seeds online in Canada? For customers looking for high-quality marijuana seeds, Check out the Canadian seed companies who are ready to provide them with the best deals.

It is only from Canadian seedbanks will you get to choose from the widest array of seeds varieties including feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and everything you may look for that is available today.

So if you’re ready to shop, check the following top ten legit seed companies from Canada:

1. MJ Seeds

MJ Seeds prides in its year-round promotion of free 10 seeds for every order made over $100. The company started back in 2009 and only having just a few customers. Now, it is popular all over the world because of their attention to high-quality seeds.

MJ Seeds delivers all over the world and offers safe and reliable same-day shipping options. Other seed banks sell inferior seeds but MJ Seeds only have the best and highest quality seeds which they buy from breeders by bulk.

At the moment, this seed bank is crazy over their auto-flowering and feminized strains. They have a wide array of auto strains that are feminized making them a go-to online seed bank for marijuana consumers.

Plus another reason they are so popular is that they have same day shipping, even same-day international shipping. This costs extra but many say its’ worth it.

2. Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is based in the West Coast and is a popular seed bank that offers seeds in smaller numbers but all of which are very popular and are of top quality. The company’s strains are hand-picked from plants with the best genes and attributes.

This seed bank is popular for its seeds being organically-grown. The seeds that they sell are from plants grown naturally and because they are dedicated to all-organic cannabis growing, making them stay as one of the most sought-after seed banks in Canada.

3. Rocket Seeds

This is a supplier of well-known cannabis seeds from known breeders that are famous all over the world. They have their own branding which is Rocket Seeds who only sell high-quality seeds and boasts of their 3 thousand plus seeds in their library.

Think of Rocket Seeds as your supermarket where all the best seeds are available. It is also the go-to seed bank for quality because they also sell seeds from breeders known internationally.

4. Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics is a Marijuana seed brand that is located along the Western Coast. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality seeds and service. Their seeds are of the best available genetics today. Sunwest does testings on their seeds by batch before these are packed and sealed.

Sunwest delivers worldwide and if you are from a country that makes it hard to ship in seeds, luckily they will help you find ways to have your orders delivered.

Sunwest Genetics has earned the trust of Canadians because of their super high success high germination rates at 80%+. As their motto states “From Our Garden to Yours” only means they put in place so much value on their seeds plus they also value their customers.

5. Crop King Seeds

This seed bank is the place a wide range of cultivators come to locate the best strains. You can be a clinical patient who is looking for the best seeds for a specific ailment or an accomplished producer, Crop King Seeds can give you what you are looking for.

They also offer Canada and global shipment. In the event that you are not very secure with a shipment in your general vicinity, you can believe that Crop King Seeds will deliver your requests subtly.

This seed bank is famous for its wide index of pot seeds. They likewise figure out how to keep their items moderate notwithstanding the popularity. Besides these, Yield Lord Seeds likewise offer a wide assortment of installment choices including the most refreshed Bitcoin digital currency installment that isn’t acknowledged in other seed banks in the nation.

Extra savings and offers anticipate clients. To remain updated, subscribe to the CKS newsletter.

6. True North Seed Banks

One other trusted seed bank from Canada is True North Seed Banks. The company wants its customers to feel safe and secure as they shop from their site. You can purchase their seeds online or order offline using a downloadable form.

True North is a seed bank that prides in their large collection of medical cannabis. They also guarantee that all their seeds are fresh meaning that these will germinate given the right growing conditions.

7. Royal Seed Bank

This seed bank is an online seed bank where you can get the best-priced seeds. They have more than 350 strains of marijuana coming from more than 7 reputable seed bank companies. Royal Seed Bank offers its seeds at very low rates which is why it’s a favorite among growers looking for affordable seeds.

8. Toronto Cannabis Seeds

This seed bank provides the top seeds from the best breeders in Canada. Every one of their products is made in Canada and convey seeds locally and overseas. Many consumers look at this seed bank all because of their enormous stock of ordinary, feminized, CBD, clinical and auto seeds.

9. Canuk

Canuk Seeds has shipping locations locally and in the UK. The company is proud of its seeds coming from top genetics. You can buy online from their official site or you can call them through their hotline to order seeds. All orders are discrete and guaranteed to arrive wherever you are.

10. Barney’s Farm

People purchase from Barney’s Farm as the organization always has new offerings of the latest strains. The organization is focused on strains developed in the US Western Coast. Barney’s Farm is the seed bank to go to if you are looking for high-yielding cannabis plants, high THC strains, Cannabis Cup winning strains, high-CBD strains, and strains that originated from Amsterdam.