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Canada may be enjoying legal recreational and medicinal cannabis use but have you ever wondered what would it be like to buy cannabis and seeds from weed paradise Amsterdam? What do Amsterdam seed banks offer? Are the seeds there expensive or cheaper than those from Canada seed banks? This is a guide and a comparison between Canada seed banks and Amsterdam seed banks to answer all these questions.

Seed Bank Locations

Local seed banks in Canada and in Amsterdam are mostly found in cities especially in districts where you’ll find convenience stores, transportation hubs and in entertainment centers.

Some dispensaries in Canada and Amsterdam also sell seeds apart from dried weed and accessories. However, it’s best to find a dedicated seed bank to buy seeds from.

Canada calls shops where cannabis is sold dispensaries while Amsterdam cannabis shops are called coffee shops.

Legit seedbanks in both Canada and Amsterdam are professional-looking shops where you will get the best treatment. You may ask reps for advice regarding different seeds and how to grow these seeds.

Seedbanks from these countries come with a wide variety of seeds including local specials and top international strains. You will be able to buy the latest and classic regulars, feminized, automatics, auto feminized, and high-CBD and Cannabis Cup winner seeds as well.

Seed Bank Cannabis Varieties

Canada seed banks offer the best seeds grown locally. There are cannabis seed banks that offer organically-grown seeds, medical seeds, and high-THC seeds. If you are looking for affordable seeds, you will also find these as well.

When it comes to Amsterdam cannabis seed banks, most sell local products and only a small amount of seeds coming from other sources. When you look at a menu offering of a seed bank in Amsterdam, you’ll find interesting names and strain combinations. What you see is what you get when you buy from local seedbanks.


All the weed you buy from Amsterdam cannabis shops is seedless. You cannot grow seeds from weed you grow personally. You really need to buy seeds to be able to grow cannabis.

Seed Bank Seeds Costs

Canadian seedbanks may sell seeds for an affordable price. Some companies offer discounts, deals, and promos for customers just to augment the cost of buying seeds. Some companies also have deals for shipment, deliveries and for stealth shipment offers. In short, if you’re on a budget, you will still get what you need and what you can afford.

On the other hand, expect prices to double or maybe even triple when you buy from local Amsterdam seed banks. You may find seedbanks with special promos and deals but not all shops offer free deliveries or free seeds.

Canada and Amsterdam seed banks are affiliated with local and overseas growers that use updated technologies. Therefore, you can expect the best quality when you buy from seedbanks from either country.

Helpful Seed Bank Representatives

Have you ever experienced wanting to buy something from a store but there’s just no one there to help you out? Now, this won’t happen to you when you’re in Canada or Amsterdam seed banks.

In Canada, seed bank and dispensary personnel are trained to help customers with anything. If you have questions about how a strain grows then you can ask away. If you need help with the right nutrients, lighting or soil, then you can ask these anytime.

In Amsterdam, where almost all shop owners, growers, and breeders know each other, it is easy to share secret growing techniques, tips and tricks. If you visit a shop or a seed bank you can ask any question regarding growing marijuana and you’ll get expert answers.

Small seed banks in the country don’t have representatives or shop keepers. The owners are the shop keepers themselves so asking for help is like asking a pro for assistance! To make this short, you’ll get the best information about growing all kinds of seeds when you are in seed bank sites.

Online Ordering Availability

Almost all Canada seed banks have corresponding online seed bank sites. This way, you’ll be able to order products available from the actual or local seed bank from your home. Legit online seedbanks from Canada are able to deliver orders locally while some can cater to customers located overseas.

Locally, Canada Post takes care of deliveries. Orders can take only a few days to arrive and some online seed banks will accept cash on delivery options. For customers found overseas, they can expect their orders to arrive in a few weeks depending on their location and the mode of shipment they chose.

When it comes to online seedbanks from Amsterdam, not all have corresponding physical shops the same as not all shops in the country have their own online seed bank site. Local deliveries can also take a few days or even the same day and international orders are also possible.

Be sure to check rules about buying seeds online from your country because not all seedbanks here deliver to all regions. Some seed banks online from Amsterdam may assure customers that they deliver internationally but won’t care if your order gets seized or is held in customs.

When it comes to mode of payments from these online seedbanks, almost all seed banks in Canada and Amsterdam accept credit cards. Not all seedbanks from both countries accept bank transfers, cash on deliveries and debit card payments.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin is now becoming more and more popular. And although a province in Canada accepts this mode of payment, it is not considered a mode of payment in some sites.

Same goes in Amsterdam. Some seed banks may or may not accept cryptocurrency as well as preferred payment options such as cash and PayPal.


If you are unsure of the preferred payment option of a seed bank, check these out from the site’s terms and conditions or FAQ. If this is still unclear, talk to a representative.

Shipment Overseas Availability

Not all top Canadian seed bank sites accept overseas shipments. Some seed banks will accept overseas ordering but special fees apply. Consider a Canadian seed bank that accepts the international shipment. The seed bank site offers guaranteed shipping for customers overseas. Guaranteed shipment comes with tracking capabilities so you’ll know where your package is and when it will arrive at your home.

When it comes to Amsterdam’s online sites, not all cannabis sites accept international shipments. Some seed banks will only ship where cannabis growing is legal while some promise overseas shipping and will let their customers worry about the consequences of their orders.

But not all seed banks online operate this way. Some are reputable and will tell you outright if they can process your order. Some will ask for your location so they can tell you first hand if they are able to deliver to where you are located.

Safety when Buying Seeds Online

Buying cannabis and cannabis seeds online is second nature to some people because they have mastered the art of safe online purchases.

No matter where you are, you are prone to falling into online scams if you are not careful. Safe and legit Canadian and Amsterdam online seedbanks use special techniques to preserve the personal and credit information of their customers. They do all they can to preserve the identity of their customers by offering stealth shipments and deliveries.

It’s up to the customer to find a reputable site where to order seeds from. You should be diligent, smart and careful not to trust just any online seed bank with your precious information.

Remember to

  • Read reviews of Canadian and Amsterdam seed banks before you place your orders. If you can, ask for recommendations from people you know who order seeds online.
  • Check the site’s payment options; make sure that the site accepts the payment option that you wish to use.
  • Check the delivery or shipment options. Be sure that stealth shipment is available so your orders will have a better chance of arriving at your delivery address.
  • Try out a Canadian or Amsterdam seed bank first by placing a small order. Try this out on more seed banks. You’ll go with the one that gives the best customer experience.
  • Take note of customer service phone numbers and other contact information. You need these in case you encounter any problems with your order.

So which one’s the best?

When it comes to quality, Canadian seedbanks and Amsterdam seed banks are of the best quality. This is because of the top-quality cannabis plants and breeders that are found in their respective areas.

When it comes to online ordering and delivery, Canadian seed bank sites are more preferred because most seed bank sites here offer special shipping and guaranteed shipping to make sure that orders arrive at your shipping address.

Safety and security when ordering seeds should be considered by the customer. He must research on reputable sites before ordering anything. Shopping smart is still the key to getting the most out of ordering seeds online.