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On this generation, we all are familiar that we are more on experimentation especially if we seek for achieving a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to try what is in or what is in trend. What caught our eye are cannabis connoisseurs who try to eat cannabis seeds. Considering the number of people who smoke weed or put its extracts in edibles, this is somehow something new. Are cannabis seeds edible? What do we get from eating cannabis seeds? Does it work as much as smoking, vaping or eating cannabis-infused edibles? Sit back, we have conducted our research on eating cannabis seeds and if it is safe to be eaten.

Whether for recreational or for medicinal, cannabis is going to be on the top of your list for the sake of physical and mental relaxation. Have you ever wondered if you get the best quality on the seed bank that you are getting your seeds from? Do you get the best value for your money? Considering that cannabis is known as a recreational drug, that they became concerned about the side-effects it has. What they want is to guarantee that this will really work for treatments. Fully-funded intensive research and laboratory tests are what they require most to prove these initial self-medication that was conducted.

All in the Quality

The legalization of cannabis in some countries has been a factor for researchers to seek more and to try other means of consuming cannabis. You might be wondering why people prefer eating raw seeds than cultivating it and smoking it. In accordance with an article written by Julia Wright on what you need to know about cannabis seeds, the quality of the seeds is where the full potential depends on. It undergoes germination before it turns into seeds so you have to be well-acquainted about the seeds that you are getting. In addition, cannabis seeds all look the same, right? It is hard to distinguish which is which but you can surely identify which are worth keeping from which are not.

The Process of Germination to Acquire Cannabis Seeds

A seed composes of two reproductive organs. One is male and the other is female. There are a variety of seeds sold in in-store and online seed banks. There is high-potency marijuana flowers, seedless and sinsemilla. The sprouting of seeds, also known as germination, is a process wherein the plant starts to develop from the seed. This is the so-called transformation from seed to plant. It proves that the flowering time has begun.

Marijuana growers usually germinate their seeds on paper towels. After drying it up a bit, they remove it from the paper towel and transplant the seeds into the soil. You can use either paper towel or coffee filter depending on your preference for it is the one that will absorb the moisture to avoid lints causing molds. The good thing about using coffee filters is that it works well in absorbing the moisture. The process of germination lasts for days up to a week. You can see progress when the moisture of the seed transplants itself to the paper towel or coffee filter.

Paper towel method of Germination

You have to slightly damp the paper towel or coffee filter first before you place the seeds. After arranging the seeds, place it on a plate and cover it with another plate to maintain the humidity. Make sure that you keep the plate in a warm environment too and maintain the dampness of the paper towel or coffee filter. The moisture of the towel will help in softening the shell of the seed allowing the process of germination to proceed. As a whitetail pokes out from the surface of the shell opening it reaching about 0.25 inch, it is ready to plant onto your preferred medium for cultivation.

Characteristics of Healthy Cannabis Seeds

Hard Shell – before storing your seeds into their designated containers, lightly squeeze the seeds one by one. Once that the seeds crack open, it means that it is not healthy and should not be cultivated. This will only cause molds to the other seeds so it is best if you will dispose of it properly.

Darkened Color – the colors of cannabis seeds are usually black, brown or gray. These are the colors which are already good for cultivation. Seeds that are white and light green to dark green striped with brown along its surface are immature seeds which makes it impossible to sprout.

NO Cracks – cannabis seeds are sensitive considering that the production of seeds has gone several processes. Have your seeds checked one by one if there are cracks around its surface. These cracks will cause the seeds not to grow because it is proof that the shell itself is weak.

Seed Size – What you have to consider is the marijuana seeds size. Considering the seed size during growth will alleviate the chances of mottling. Mottles appear starts to appear on the leaves and affect the growth of the plant. The mere cause is a virus or a disease. Seeing blotches of different shades on the leaves is an indication of poor nutrition.

What Do You Get From Eating Cannabis Seeds?

What are the benefits that you will be getting from consuming raw cannabis seeds? Is it really edible and mixed with your food?

  • Cannabis seeds can often be found in health food stores, why? These seeds are rich in healthy nutrients that can be identifiable on vitamins such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the intake of cannabis seeds is most commonly in use for treating constipation. In addition to that, it also works well in inducing a good night sleep considering that it alleviates the feeling of pain and anxiety.
  • Cannabis seeds contain protein which eases digestion. Its natural properties are the best plant-based protein that you can find in the market considering that not all upholds these properties.
  • With the intake of cannabis seeds, it will either make you lose or gain weight. Considering the various minerals and vitamins you can benefit from eating raw marijuana seeds, it will really help you stay in shape. It contains your daily dosage of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, protein and vitamin E.
  • The cannabis seed diet is really good for your heart. Being high Omega acids help in reducing blood pressure, improving your cardiovascular health, and lowers the risk of stroke.
  • Established that it is rich in cardiovascular benefits, it helps in reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is really good for your physical and emotional health to develop your well-being.


Cannabis seeds are edible but what are the ways on how you can eat it? It is not that difficult to mix with your food. It does not need boiling for the nutrients to boost. You can eat it raw mixed with your mixed vegetables. It is actually good to mix to any kind of food. If you want your daily dose of vitamins and minerals which works better than laboratory-formulated ones. This is our best suggestion for you. Why choose marijuana seeds? Marijuana cultivated from seeds can adapt to its existing environment and changes in the climate and humidity. Yes, it does take time before you will be able to use it but considering its richness in nutrients, it is really worth the wait. Besides, you do not have to germinate your own if you cannot manage. Cannabis seeds are readily available both in-store and online seed shops.