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Smoking the Bubblegum strain will take you on a nostalgic trip back to your childhood with its sweet flavor. That trip to the past will have you gliding across a cloud made of bliss as the strain delivers an intense euphoric high.

Is the Bubblegum strain worth space in your precious stash jar and are their feminized seeds easy to cultivate? We answer this question with our Bubblegum feminized marijuana review.


The Bubblegum won multiple awards during the 90s. In 1994, it won two Cannabis Cup awards. The strain even got 2nd place in 1995 and 1999 for the Cannabis Cup. Many hail the strain’s balanced potency and fun flavor.

Despite the amazing recognition of the Bubblegum, the strain was not an overnight success. The development of the strain took a long time because the breeders are aiming for a stable offspring. The team began working on the Indiana Bubblegum to create the Bubblegum that we know today. This development took about 20 years of cultivating several generations in order to get a good seed.

TH Seeds, breeders of the Bubblegum, began the development of the strain in Indiana. They later moved to New England to continue working on the strain. It is in Holland where they finally got the right strain and released the Bubblegum. The strain became a favorite among cannabis users across the world after it came out.


The Bubblegum strain is a balanced hybrid of indica and sativa strain. Indica marijuana usually hits you with a stoned and relaxing effect that leaves you completely sedated on the couch. Sativa variants, on the other hand, can deliver a euphoric high that slights boost your energy levels and make you feel happy.

In the case of the Bubblegum strain, you get the best of both worlds. After smoking the strain, you will feel an immense amount of joy filling up inside your body. The high will improve your mood and make you want to talk with anyone in the room.

At the onset of the high, you will also feel the indica nature of the Bubblegum relax your entire body. However, the effect relieves the tension around your body only. It will not make you feel sleepy while you are riding high. As you come down from your euphoric trip, the relaxant nature of the Bubblegum increases its intensity. This will make you feel incredibly sedated and ready to call it a night.

The overall effect of the Bubblegum makes this great for an afternoon or evening toke. The blissful high will leave you with enough energy to do any casual activities like playing tennis or going on a hike. As the high fades, you are ready to sleep away the fatigue of the day.

Flavor and aroma

The stand out feature of the Bubblegum strain is the aroma. As the name suggests, the bud smells like a stick of unwrapped game. The bud exudes a rich mix of berries, fruit, and other kinds of flowers. You will feel like the strain should come with a collectible trading card or a small comic strip.

Smoking the strain will leave behind a strong berry flavor in your mouth with a mix of cream. The profile is close to that of ice cream because the aftertaste is incredibly sweet. You will get a much stronger flavor when you vape the concentrated form of the Bubblegum.

Medical usage

Bubblegum strains have a THC potency of up to 19 percent. This level is effective in breaking you out of a depressive state. The euphoric high of the Bubblegum washes away all negative thoughts that are keeping you from feeling happy. Taking this strain will also calm your nerves, helping you get over any heightened state of anxiety or nervousness. Any trouble that you are experiencing will seem very distant as you ride the euphoric high of the Bubblegum.

The relaxant effect of the Bubblegum is useful for treating insomnia. This strain does not have an energizing effect as another hybrid that will keep you awake for a long time after taking it. Bubblegum will leave you already relaxed from the start, which will further lead to a comfortable sedative feeling.

Another major contribution of the high THC potency is in pain relief. Bubblegum soothes the edges of your pain receptors. The analgesic effect will help you cope with symptoms from serious medical conditions or treatment.

Negative Effects

This strain has its share of common negative effects as other cannabis buds. The most common of which is a case of dry eyes and mouth because the Bubblegum slows down the production of saliva in your body. You can easily fix this with some eye drops and a bottle of water at hand.

With a high THC potency, people who are new to smoking cannabis may experience an overload of the high inducing cannabinoid in their system. This can lead to nausea, increased nervousness, and a nasty headache. The side effects of THC overload can be avoided by slowing down on the consumption of the Bubblegum.

While the sedative effect of the Bubblegum is great for relaxing, this has a negative effect for when you need to be alert. The strain can make you dangerously sleepy while at work or on the road.

Growth Characteristics

Bubblegum strains are one of the easiest cannabis plants to cultivate along with a short flowering period of around seven to nine weeks. In addition, they also provide high yield rates that can reach up to six ounces per plant.

You will find it easy to grow Bubblegum strain plants because of its high resiliency against diseases and pests. This includes insects and common mildew. Bubblegum plant’s resiliency translates to less concern over the maintenance of the plant.

It is important to note that the strain is susceptible to mold if you cultivate them outdoors. You can alleviate this by allowing the plant to grow indoors where you can control the temperature and humidity.

The height of the Bubblegum plants tends to show its sativa side. Expect the plants to grow as high as 80 inches or seven feet tall. Their size can add to the difficulty of cultivating Bubblegum plants because you may need room to accommodate the tall stems.

The feminized version of the Bubblegum strain nearly guarantees that the seeds will grow into female plants. This lets you avoid having male plants among your seeds. Males do not produce high inducing buds like the female. It will instead produce pollen sacs, which can bad for any female plants nearby. Pollinated females will divert their energy to making seeds instead of cannabinoids that induce the familiar Bubblegum strain high. Fortunately, the feminized Bubblegum seeds can make sure that there are no males to ruin the overall yield of your garden.

Cultivation tips

You can solve the problem of the plant’s tall size with the ‘sea of green’ cultivation method. This method involves forcing the plants to enter the flowering stage early in its vegetative stage. Doing so will stop the plant from growing tall stems.

To achieve the sea of green technique, place your plants in a square area. Allow your plants to go through two to three weeks in its vegetative phase with the lights turned on for 18 hours a day within your grow room. When your plants are four weeks old, change the lighting schedule to only 12 hours a day. The change in lighting will make the plants go into the flowering stage.

Take note that the ‘sea of green’ method translates to small-sized buds because of the fast vegetative phase. However, this method can boost the total accumulative yield you can achieve within a year. The short growth cycle allows you to grow the next batch of cannabis plants for another fast successive harvest immediately.

Throughout the plant’s vegetative stage, prune or train the plants when needed. Removing excess leaves and branches will allow your plants to focus its energy on producing quality buds.

Another tip that will help your plants produce quality buds is to increase their intake of phosphorus and lower other nutrients such as nitrogen as well as potassium. Phosphorus is a catalyst that the plant used for different purposes.


As you can see after going through Bubblegum feminized marijuana review, the strain gets high scores from us. We enjoy the classic gum aroma and flavor of the strain as well as the potent euphoric high. In addition, we also recommend the cultivation of Bubblegum plants to any breeder because of its short flowering period and high yield rates per plant. This strain is great for anyone who wants to try the ‘sea of green’ method for the first time as well.