Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

If it is your first time to grow marijuana, it is important that you do it right for the first trial and time since you do not want to waste all time, money and efforts exerted to your plants. As a medical marijuana grower, it is important that you are also knowledgeable about its breeds and the way of reproducing them.

What are the basic breeds or strain of marijuana?

There are three basic strains of marijuana. They are called sativa, indica and ruderalis. Sativa has the most tall and it can grow as high as twenty feet given that it has room to grow. Also, the plant is famous for its effect on causing happy and energetic hormones when smoked. The Indica variant can grow up to eight feet high and has broad dark green leaves. The plant is famous for its effect of numbing sensation and the best giver or narcotic effect. Lastly, the Ruderalis breed is the shortest. This breed has no recreational effect for the smokers but the plant has its own auto-flowering mechanism and is not prone to insects.

Can I breed any marijuana plant I anytime and anywhere I want?

Honestly, no. Not all marijuana plants grow indoors and not all marijuana plants are best when planted outdoors. You must do your research regarding what strain of marijuana will best grow indoor and outdoor given the atmosphere that you are living in. Aside from the marijuana strain, you must consider the location of your house, the weather and the community that you are living in.

How to breed marijuana?

There are many possible ways of breeding marijuana. You can use its seeds, flowers and stalk to reproduce the plant. The best and most natural way of reproducing a breed is by the pollens of the plants. You must be first sure and knowledgeable about the difference between a male and a female plant.

Any important points in pollinating a marijuana strain?

When growing a garden of marijuana, make sure that the male plant is separated from the female plant to avoid premature pollination. The male plant matures faster than the female plant. The marijuana strain is ready to pollinate two weeks after the flower from the female plant appears. Pollinating early and late might not work since the female plant is not ready or mature yet.

Is hybrid possible?

Yes, cross-breeding or hybriding is possible. When two plants of different strains pollinated together, you can create a hybrid that requires more care and time.