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One of the most interesting, if not mysterious strain is the Black Indica. There is much misleading information about this potent Indica strain making it a not-so-favorite strain to grow. But if you are looking for a unique strain with a relaxing vibe then you can cultivate Black Indica seeds. This guide will give you an introduction to the effects, medical uses, and growing information of this infamous strain.

What is a Black Indica strain?

Black Indica is from Crop King Seeds, one of the most popular seed banks in Canada. It is a mostly Indica strain that will grow indoors and outdoors. This strain is available in a feminized variety and can be purchased all year round from Crop King Seeds.

Black Indica is from Afghanistan. This plant has wide leaves and a short and compact structure. Because of its small size, it is perfect for growing indoors, in small limited space like a growing cabinet or tent.

The Indica strain has a moderate amount of THC, therefore, it comes with a suave, relaxed high. Consumers will find this suitable for relaxing. It won’t be too stimulating but will help you relax and improve your sleep in the long run.

What are the natural effects of this strain?

Black Indica has a relaxing high. Your body and mind will surrender to a soft, relaxing effect that can reduce tension and stress. It is mostly used for social activities to help enhance confidence and improve self-esteem. If you are new to indicas or entirely new to consuming cannabis, Black Indica may be the relaxing strain you have been waiting for.

Are there medical uses of this strain?

Because of its impressive natural effects, you can trust that a Black Indica will be effective for several medical conditions. It is used in treating insomnia. The strong relaxing effects of this strain can help initiate sleep and will also help you conquer sleeplessness. Take this strain during a quiet weekend afternoon and have the most relaxing time. You don’t need tranquilizers and sleeping pills when you are ready to conquer insomnia with Black Indica.

Use Black Indica for its strong natural analgesic effects. You don’t need to use synthetic medications that will only cause more harm than good. You may use this strain for the relief of headaches, chronic pains, muscle pain, and strain plus migraines and arthritis.

If you need relief from anxiety and stress then Black Indica is your choice. This strain can reduce stress and let you conquer feelings of anxiety and stress, especially during social interactions. With Black Indica, you can gain confidence and focus more on the best things that life has to offer.

Other medical effects of Black Indica include relief from inflammation. People who have problems with arthritis, migraines, and muscle pains and strains may find relief from this strain’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. And the best thing about this is that you can relieve inflammation without the need to use synthetic medications.

Are there negative effects of this strain?

According to most people who have used Black Indica, you can experience dry mouth and dry eyes with this strain. Dry eyes and mouth are due to THC in weed. Despite having only a moderate amount of THC at 14% to 17%, Black Indica will still increase blood flow to all the body systems and hence can cause dryness and redness of the different areas of the body.

When used moderately, Black Indica can cause moderate headaches and restlessness. These side effects are more pronounced in people who are new to taking Black Indica or those who are new to consuming cannabis altogether.

There are ways to reduce the effects of Black Indica strain; use this moderately to reduce your chances of experiencing any side effects. Use the best mode of intake according to your condition. Black Indica is available in oil, concentrate, dry bud form, and edibles form.

What is the aroma/smell of Black Indica?

Black Indica has a strong smell that may be experienced differently by people. Some users agree that this smells fruity and flowery while some say that it has a woodsy and berry smell. The aroma of Black Indica is potent and will last for hours after your last dose.

How do you grow Black Indica?

Black Indica may be grown indoors or outdoors. When grown outdoors, it should be cultivated in a warm climate with lots of sunshine and gentle breezes. It will yield several times more when grown outdoors than indoors.

Indoors, use the best soil, the right nutrients, and the ideal type of lighting to grow best and to bear more yields. Remember the following when growing this kind of strain:

  • Cultivate this plant in an indoor and outdoor environment with conducive humidity. When Black Indica plants are flowering, maintain a low humidity level. This will prevent the attack of molds and mildew which can affect your flowers.
  • Provide the right kind of nutrients during the growing or vegetative phase and the flowering phase. During the growing phase, your plants need a fertilizer with high amounts of nitrogen. This nutrient can improve the growth of stems, leaves, and branches.

For plants in the flowering stage, use a fertilizer with high amounts of phosphorous and potassium. Your plants won’t need nitrogen because these have ceased growing. Potassium and phosphorous will enhance the growth and density of buds.

  • Water your Black Indica daily and water more than the usual during periods of warm weather. To properly water your plants, water only when the soil is dry and not when wet or moist.
  • The best type of soil for Black Indica plants is sandy-clayey soil because this type of soil can absorb water and nutrients better and will drain excess water and nutrients from the soil as well.
  • If you want to grow Black Indica seeds, choose top quality seeds. You will be able to buy the best quality seeds when you buy from reputable seed banks.

Black Indica information

Growing difficulty – Easy

Indica or Sativa – hybrid, indica-dominant 80%

Indoors or outdoors – both

Flowering time – 8 weeks

THC – 14% to17%

CBD – 0 .25%

Yield indoor – up to 400 grams

Genetics – Pure Kush x Afghan