Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Are you looking for ultimate sexual pleasure? One way to spice things up is to enjoy a bowl of the best strain for sexual arousal. We have the top ten that will stimulate your sexual appetite. You can buy marijuana seeds from an online seed bank to grow plants that will provide you with the best sexual pleasure for date night, anniversary, special occasion or any night in particular.

These are the 10 Best Marijuana Strains for Sexual Arousal

1.) Asian Fantasy

This sativa strain was said to be extinct thanks to the secretive activities of a breeder. But there are some sightings that can attest that this strain is still alive and ready to take you to seventh heaven today. Asian Fantasy has unknown genetics but what is known is that it has a dominant sativa lineage that is responsible for its ability to stimulate creative ideas, to make you feel focused and to keep you in control. Growing Asian Fantasy is dreams come true for most breeders because it is very hard to find seeds for this strain. But when you do manage to grow an Asian Fantasy plant, you will see that it has large, curled buds with brick red hairs sticking out. Asian Fantasy can rekindle your fire but can also be used to deal with stress, seizures, pain, depression, and insomnia.

2.) Ultimate Trainwreck

This cannabis strain is by far one of the most favorite among online users. The reason for this is its ability to create that hallmark couch-locked effect. Ultimate Trainwreck has a very potent effect and is described online as a heavy sativa cousin of the Trainwreck. Just one toke and you will find your head being launched into space while your body follows. It may not be as strong as the Trainwreck but its lovely appearance with its dense and colorful buds make up for its potent effects.

This strain has a skunky, earthy and sweet aroma that packs a punch. This strain has been used. Ultimate Trainwreck is also a medicinal strain that can help you with stress, depression, and fatigue. This may also reduce pain and nausea, two very common side effects of chemotherapy.

3.) Purple Princess

Many that have grown Purple Princess agree that this bud has a lot to offer. It has simple purple flowers that look large and dense with a lot of branches. When used for its recreational effects, it has a happy, euphoric feeling that can lighten up your mood. Purple Princes is definitely not your average fairy tale princess character. It was made by combining a Cinderella 99 and an Ice Princess which has made a strain with a strong berry flavor and amazing stimulating effects. This hybrid can creep up on you with a medium-level effect. You will feel uplifted, creative and focused.

This is the ideal combination to try out with your own princess tonight. And aside from inducing sexual stimulation, Purple Princess can relieve stress and depression. It can help improve physical and mental fatigue. It will also help you relax and make you sleep when the day is done.

4.) Sour Dream

Sour Dream is a lovely hybrid made by the union of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. This is a strain with a distinctly earthy, pungent scent that will surely help stimulate arousal and euphoria. People who have grown this strain agree that it was worth it. It provides good yields and is very easy to grow.

Effect-wise, Blue Dream is smooth and will even become smoother as you get used to its strong effects. It is a balance between full-bodied relaxation and gentle cerebral relaxation. It does not matter whether you are new or have used Blue Dream before because you will miss its calm euphoric effect. Some Blue Dream phenotypes have a remarkable indica-like appearance and effect, however, the sativa-dominant lineage seems to be more prevalent.

Blue Dream has a sweet berry smell coming from its Blueberry parent. It is a popular daytime strain ideal for treating pain, nausea, depression, and headaches.

5.) Yumbolt

Yumbolt is a rare and potent cannabis strain. It could be hard to buy marijuana seeds online seed bank for this strain therefore when you find one, make sure to grow it right. This cannabis strain will help you relax, help you sleep and will also make you feel content. Yumbolt is your key to a relaxing night coupled with stimulating sex. Those who have used this strain agree that it offers a smooth and mellow effect. It offers relief for pain especially headaches, migraines, muscle pains. When it comes to growing Yumbolt, it will grow thick buds with orange hairs protruding from their midst.

6.) Chocolate Chunk

Have you ever been told to give your girl some flowers and chocolates for that romantic and passionate night? If you have then why not consume another kind of chocolate: Chocolate Chunk. This yummy strain is described as nutty, coffee and earthy with effects that will surely make you relaxed and very sleepy;

People who have consumed Chocolate Chunk before say that they enjoy this strain at the end of the day. This helps them unwind from stress especially after a very long and busy day. Chocolate Chunk was made by TH Seeds. It is a pure indica strain that will give you that couch-lock effect if you smoke a potent toke.

When you grow this strain, you will love how it flowers fast in just 55 days. It is a strain that will grow well and develop more yields using the sea of green method. And aside from being a natural aphrodisiac, Chocolate Chunk is also a strain that can reduce pain due to its very strong and potent analgesic effects. It can curb stress and depression due to its ability to uplift mood. It is good for stimulating appetite and for relieving nausea especially for people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

7.) Kali Dog

Kali Dog is one of the hottest strains in the market made by the union of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This strain was made by Queen Seeds and is known as a powerful strain with an overwhelming smell of lemon and diesel fuel. You can count on this sativa dominant strain with its heavy indica lineage. Kali Dog is a balanced hybrid strain that may be used to deal with medical conditions like lack of appetite and nausea. This strain can also help improve mood. It can help reduce pains such as headaches. Kali Dog can also be used to reduce eye pressure in people with glaucoma.

8.) Shining Silver Haze

This strain is from Royal Queen Seeds which was made by ceaseless research and breeding. This was made by the union of a sativa Super Silver Haze. It is a heavy-yielding and high-potency strain. You will feel this strain creeping up on you with its uplifting buzz that will take the monotony out of chores and duties. This strain will help you jumpstart your day and enhance your mood. These effects will be perfect to spice up your night tonight.

9.) Skunk #1

This hybrid strain is a popular and influential strain, the parent of a number of Skunk crosses. This was made by Sacred Seed Co. in the late 1970s using different strains from around the world. Skunk #1 was made by crossing an Afghani, Acapulco Gold and a Colombian Gold strain. The very first Skunk #1 strain fathered a number of good strains including Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Royal Queen Seeds, and Nirvana Seeds.

Skunk #1 is used for the therapeutic relief of depression and stress. It has mood-elevating effects which can help improve mood. This strain can be used to treat inflammation and pain. You can also count on Skunk #1 to reduce eye pressure which is a good strain for people with glaucoma.

10.) Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an indica strain made by mixing a Blueberry male with a UK Cheese original female. This has a sweet and savory smell of berry and delicious blue cheese. This has a very heavy indica effect that will help you relax and conquer pain. Blue Cheese will relax you and help stimulate sexual desire. You will find this strain a good natural relief for stress and depression. You won’t need to use medications just to improve your mood.

Synthetic medications can only cause dangerous side effects while Blue Cheese will improve your mood naturally. Blue Cheese can stimulate appetite which is ideal for people who have lost their appetite, have nausea and vomiting due to the side effects of chemotherapy. You can also use this strain to help you relax and then ultimately go to sleep.

Buy marijuana seeds from online seed banks to find the top strains for sexual pleasure. Remember too that romance is not just about sex but no doubt sex will spice things up. So good luck in finding the right strains to whip up that appetite.