Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Are you suffering from whiteheads or blackheads? Are they sprouting like mushrooms?

Are there whiteheads starting to surface? Have these blackheads sprouted to different regions of your face with what seems like a military force? Do you experience growing papules or some pink bumps? Is this as serious as a cyst?

Your pores get easily invaded by dust and oils originating from the skin’s oil glands that stay under the skin. Moreover, these glands create a substance called sebum. When the cells of your skin die, the body releases the sebum to bring them to the skin’s surface and out of the pores. Acne comes from those pores being clogged. The substance, sebum carries the dead skin cells, but cannot perform its responsive, innate waste removal methods. When the dead skin cells get trapped under the skin, bacteria starts to feed and proliferate.

Acne causes the pores of your face to swell due to clogging, for one reason or another, and bacteria starts to thrive under the skin’s surface. Many people try to find their solace in over-the-counter medications, but they are unsure what kind of medicine they are getting. Preservatives, emulsifiers and other additives comprise the ingredient lists, so companies can control the experience of the product, cut costs, etc.

Using these essential high CBD seeds oils for skin problems such as an acne will turn your life around. Let’s find out which ones can help you.


  • Antimicrobial and antioxidant
  • Warm sensations, which can ease the tension of sensitive blemishes
  • Affordable
  • Has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.
  • Helps reduce skin inflammation, swelling, and soreness
  • Works well with insect bites
  • Soothes, softens, and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • The smell can additionally stop headaches and provide a boost of energy
  • It is specifically good for stopping the acne-causing bacteria
  • They are well-scented.


  • Not advisable for a pregnant woman
  • It can cause damage to unborn babies
  • It might cause a bad interaction with certain medications
  • Dilute if you have sensitive skin
  • Toxic if ever it consumed internally
  • It can cause skin irritation
  • Not 100% remedy for acne
  • May react to certain medications