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Marijuana was already introduced from 2737 B.C. and was described in a Chinese medical reference traditionally. Its use is already spread from China to India and then Africa and reached Europe at least as early as A.D. Now it is already embraced some parts of the world, this is famous in the US and Canada as a medicinal aid.

Marijuana seeds are creating a dash in the medical field. Including the doctors and the medical community in general, in which they have accepted and proven that this strain has various positive effects of marijuana.

Health Benefits that you can get in Marijuana Seeds

  • Prescribed as an aid for suffering chronic disorders.
  • Can also treat mild glaucoma
  • Can help control epileptic seizures
  • Can help decrease anxiety
  • Can help relieve arthritis discomfort
  • Can help stimulate creativity in the brain
  • Can help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health
  • Can help prevent cancer from spreading
  • Can help ease the pain of multiple sclerosis
  • Can help stabilize your metabolism
  • Can help veterans who are suffering from PTSD
  • Can help to slowly progress of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Can protect the brain after a stroke
  • Can help tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Can reduce some of the awful pain and nausea from chemo, and help stimulate appetite
  • Can help protect the brain from concussions and trauma
  • Can help lessen side effects from treating Hepatitis C and increase treatment effectiveness

There are also a lot of side effects but not to worry of, these include the feeling of joy and relaxation. It also helps increase sight, hearing, and your tastes of perception. You can also feel silly at times and a bit giggly. On the flip side, there are also side effects that are common for users.

  • Being dizzy
  • May cause you to have dry eyes and mouth
  • May cause you to have a feeling of paranoia

However, this can be avoided if taken in moderation. There are also ways on how to properly use marijuana as part of your medication.

Methods of Medicating


This is the most common method of using cannabis. The known advantage for this is the speed of effects and the ability to accurately gauge the dose. The proper technique for this is inhaled and exhale like breathing normally. It has been observed in Studies that holding your breath for more than 10 secs will not increase the cannabinoid being absorbed into our system. Use the small dose of cannabis that produces medicinal effects.


This is a process of which heat is applied on the concentrates or distillates to a temperature point where the cannabis active ingredients start to boil off and turning into vapor, however this is also below the temperature at which cannabis burns. This delivers THC and other cannabinoids to the human bloodstream as rapidly as smoking. You may want to consult your physician concerning your dosage. All Phytologie medicinal cannabis are assayed for their content of THC.


Cannabis back in a few years prior was presented as oral medicine. When it is appropriately dosed, cannabis can be extremely compelling both orally and underneath the tongue. The most normal edibles are in a type of heated products, for example, treats, brownies, cakes and some other type of pastries, cannabis is imbued to these edibles. Edibles also include chocolates just as hard candies. Absorption of oral cannabis is moderate and the pace of ingestion contrasts among various patients. A normal of 3 hours to be felt by the vast majority of the patients.


Outer utilization of creams and rubs produced using clinical cannabis can likewise be useful for treating skin issues, for example, aggravation and inflammation. The THC and CBD are both answerable for the viability of the prescription when utilized topically.

The fragrance of your cannabis and its effects are linked. Terpenes are additionally discovered in all aromatic plants that are also responsible for their unmistakable scents, structure mint to citrus to green to fruity and woody smells.

Terpenes That is Found in Cannabis and Their Medicinal Effects

  • Myrcene – Sedative, reduces inflammation and is a pain reliever. This can be found in lemongrass and mango
  • Limonene – This is known to be an anti-depressant and stimulates the immune system, and is a muscle relaxant. This can be found in citrus.
  • Beta-Caryophyllene – This can reduce inflammation and can ease the pain. This can be found in black pepper and Echinacea.
  • Pinene – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and a bronchodilator. This can be found in pine needles.
  • Terpinolene – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Can be found in lilac apples.
  • Linalool – Anti-anxiety, sedative, anesthetic, anti-convulsant, and an analgesic. Can be found lavender.
  • Beta-Ocimene – Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Can also be found in basil and snapdragons.
  • Alpha-Humulene – Anti-inflammatory. It can be found in hops.

These are the common health benefits that you can get in cannabis if you are looking to buy medical marijuana seeds for sale. You just have to know what is your choice of medicinal purpose and of course, you have loads of choices regarding the scent, flavor, and aroma and its good effects on your health.