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When it comes to cannabis cultivation, medical and recreational users enjoy growing Canada cannabis seeds. While cannabis consumption is now accepted in the country, be careful with dosing because cannabis addiction may result due to high THC levels. What are the signs of cannabis abuse?

According to Wikipedia, cannabis abuse causes symptoms affecting the behavior, cognitive, physical, and psychosocial aspects of a person’s life. The signs and symptoms include bloodshot eyes, agitation, paranoia, and challenges in problem-solving.

In this post, you’ll learn the signs of cannabis addiction or abuse, so you’ll know how to consume cannabis responsibly.

1. Cannabis Tolerance and Withdrawal

Regular use of cannabis leads to tolerance, which means that you’ll need higher doses of the drug to achieve or maintain the same high or psychoactive effects. If you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms you could be addicted to cannabis.

Here are the signs of cannabis tolerance and withdrawal:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety

2. Denial of Using More Cannabis

You’ll notice wanting and using more cannabis as needed. For example, you might say you’re going to take just a couple of hits, but you end up smoking a whole joint. If you feel the urge to use cannabis regularly beyond your intended use, then it is a sign of cannabis addiction.

3. Unable to Stop Cannabis Use

Canada’s cannabis seeds are always top-quality because of modern cultivation methods combined with proven effective traditional ways. The holistic approach produces potent and flavorful cannabis strains. However, if you can’t stop smoking cannabis when you are trying to quit, it means that you’re already addicted to it.

4. Spending a Lot of Time Getting High

It’s a red flag losing control using cannabis, most especially if your work and family time are affected. How many hours or days to you spend smoking cannabis and getting high? You need to help yourself by getting professional help if your lifestyle, family, and career are being compromised.

5. Stubborn and Continuously Get High

The worst thing that can happen to you is not being able to determine the consequences of your actions. While nobody dies due to cannabis addiction, unlike alcohol or drug addiction, you can die from slip and fall accidents or unsafe driving because of poor concentration, impaired reality check, and hallucinations or delusions caused by cannabis abuse.

Here are the negative effects of cannabis abuse:

  • No quality time with the family
  • Decreased work productivity
  • Asleep or awake all the time along with restlessness
  • Inability to attend to personal hygiene
  • Poor eating habits

6. Using Cannabis to Get Away with Problems

If you feel like you can escape from your problems when you’re high with cannabis or you’re using it to get away with problems and responsibilities, then you’re addicted to it. Cannabis should be used with an intended purpose, and your goal should be positive.

Here are the positive reasons why you need to take cannabis:

  • Health reasons: Reduce nausea and vomiting among HIV/AIDS or cancer patients and relieve pain, such as headache and arthritic pain or painful joints.
  • Recreational purposes: Use marijuana as a way to relieve stress and tension from work, and have some time to relax and have some fun.
  • Improve focus and concentration: Musicians, singers, dancers, and composers need to be creative and some use cannabis to improve creativity and focus.

7. Encouraging Others to Do the Same

You’re probably unaware that you’re also encouraging your family and friends to try getting high with you and insisting to also follow your cannabis smoking practices. If you receive negative feedback about your favorite hobby, then you’re more likely addicted

Here are some tips and tricks to help assess yourself when you’re addicted to cannabis:

  • Take note of the number of hours you spend time smoking or consuming cannabis.
  • Check if you still manage to complete your work tasks or if you’re always reprimanded because of poor work performance.
  • Try to stop taking cannabis and assess if you experience restlessness, headache, and tremors, which are signs of cannabis withdrawal.

8. Canada Cannabis Seeds Online Shopping Addict

Shopping cannabis seeds online is convenient, fast, and easy. You can simply use your smartphone, laptop, or other internet-capable devices to order via the Internet. You also consider growing your favorite cannabis strains indoors, in a grow tent, or outdoors.

You’ll find a lot of cannabis strains online that are hard to see on local dispensaries. However, if you can’t seem to control shopping looking for new cannabis strains to grow and personally consume, then it’s also a warning sign of cannabis addiction.


As a cannabis enthusiast, you should know your limitations and responsibilities when consuming cannabis. Use cannabis to relieve the most common signs and symptoms of medical ailments, to relax, and enjoy the benefits of such an amazing plant. However, make sure to take necessary steps to make sure you stay guarded and you only use cannabis positively. You’ll be more productive at work and happier with your family life and relationships if you consume cannabis with care.