Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Acquiring cannabis seeds from places that are not reliable such as those in the black market retailers can be dangerous especially most of them doesn’t have terms and condition so if you are not happy with the item or if there if something goes wrong, you cannot hold them liable. In growing or consuming cannabis products, you need to find a secure and credible source like that of the seed banks in Canada that is proven to be established because of the trust and respect given by their loyal consumers.

1.Crop King Seeds

This seed bank is a reputable seed bank in Canada that is always included as one of the best seed banks because they are trusted and well established. One of their goals is to find the highest yielding cannabis strains. This cannabis seed bank has a superb customer service that is open 24/7 to assist you regarding your purchase.

They have more than 30 quality cannabis seeds to choose from that have at least an 80% germination rate that caters to both recreational and medicinal use. Each strain that they offer differs in size, color, shape, and potency. To ensure that your cannabis product is protected, they seal your product in special packaging in a discreet and private way.

2.Sunwest Genetics

This seed bank has been doing great business for 10 years. Their motto is to provide the best quality that will surely get the value that you pay for through quality and fast service to cater to more consumers. They breed their own cannabis seeds that meet the expectations of their consumers. They provide over 50 popular strain varieties that have a consistent level of THC and CBD and they ensure that their seeds have at least an 80% germination rate.

Consumers would remark their quality service fast and timely since they offer same-day shipping that is tracked by their mailing system. They are accepting returns if you are dissatisfied with their product but they encourage you to contact them first so that they assist you.

3.MJ Seeds Canada

This cannabis seed bank is running in the business for 11 years now and is still continuing to earn respect through its dedication to producing high-quality cannabis products. All the cannabis seeds that you can see on their seed bank are personally handpicked and tested by their knowledgeable and experienced growers so if you have problems in germinating the seeds, feel free to communicate with their customer service to seek guidance.

You can save up to 10% every time you buy from their shop and they offer free shipping if you are able to reach the minimum amount. They offer a wholesale program that purchases in bulk. Promos, bulk discounts, and freebies are only a few of what they can give. Even though they do not have a physical store, they have other social media accounts for you to reach out to them easily.

4.Sonoma Seeds

This seed bank is known for producing and distributing their own cannabis products. To ensure that they are a great help to the advancement of the cannabis industry, they continuously develop new strains that have a distinct characteristic so if you want to experience newly discovered strains you are welcome to visit their physical store or you may visit their online store. Another thing that makes this seed store popular is because of its motto to grow naturally.

They have a privacy policy and return policy to ensure that you will have a safe and secure transaction. They have a privacy policy and return policy to ensure that you will have a safe and secure transaction. If you are a registered member on their site, you will have a chance to earn Kush Money points every time you order from them. They also have bonuses converted into points for every successful referral that you make, the more people you invite to join the site, the more points you earn that you can use for your future purchases.

5.Rocket Seeds

They are tagged to be the best Canadian Seed Bank that offers cannabis products that are sealed with a preserved freshness because of the help of the unique climate of Canada. To ensure 100% satisfaction of their customers, they may not produce their own seeds but they only sell cannabis varieties from the greatest growers that are truly experienced and are quality driven. They are devoted to collect and preserve seed species that are uncommon.

A combination of experienced growers with their unique climate makes Rocket Seed Bank consistently on top. To give back to their loyal customers, they are giving away free seeds as long as you would locate their promotions button.

Importance of Seed Banks in Canada

  • They help preserve the cannabis plant biodiversity.
  • They help prevent and find sure to plant diseases that may affect cannabis plant genetics.
  • They preserve and store cannabis strains for research and for future use.

What to Look For in Finding a Good Seed Bank

  • Choice of Strain

A good cannabis seed bank offers a wide variety of seeds that has a distinct quality such as the seed’s size, color, and hardiness. You should also look into the quality of the strain that they are selling, if you opt into seeds, make sure that it has an 80-100% germination rate.

  • Check the shipping and payment options

You should take into consideration their way of shipment and payment options that should be convenient on your part. The way they ship your cannabis product should be in a discreet way to protect your privacy. The payment options that they accept should not compromise your personal details and that whatever happens your money is safe.

  • Check the return policy and their terms and condition

A way for you to ensure your security is to check if they are willing to go the extra mile if you will encounter problems on the transaction. They should acknowledge if you are not happy with their service by giving you options or better yet your money back.

Final Thoughts

Seed banks in Canada are continuously growing because these dispensaries know how to value and understand what their customers needs. These are professionals that are experienced in the cannabis industry and they are willing to share their knowledge with their consumers. Finding a great seed bank entails intense research and planning. Their seed selection, quality of products, and customer service are the top factors that should be taken into consideration.