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When you are in a place or area where cannabis is restricted then you must find ways to keep your cannabis growing garden safe and protected. Aside from keeping your precious cannabis plants from hostile invaders like molds and pests, you must also protect it from prying eyes. So before you check out cannabis seeds for sale, make sure you have the following when you want to grow cannabis.

Growing cannabis seeds for sale indoors

Most growers and breeders initially grow their cannabis seeds indoors to monitor their plants’. Indoor growing will also help control the growing environment of your plants but at the same time keep your growing area safe and secure.

1. Buy seeds discretely from online seedbanks

First things first, buy your cannabis seeds in a discrete manner. Even if cannabis growing and use are legal from where you are located, there are still people who are up to no good. You might still fall victim to people who are simply looking for someone to scam online. And this is especially important if you live in an area where cannabis is strictly prohibited. People who do not understand the value of cannabis especially medical marijuana may only put you in hot water. So be sure to start right and buy discretely from online seedbanks by using discrete delivery and shipment options.

2. Create a growing room or growing area where you can row seeds stealthily

When planning for a growing room or a growing area, do all you can to keep this secure. Choose an area in your home where you can safely and securely keep your plants but will not compromise their growth and development. A good place to transform into your growing room is a basement, an attic or an extra room. If you are not growing a large number of plants, you can settle for a small grow closet, growing cabinet or grow tent.

3. Make sure to take care of any smell

Some cannabis strains really give off a skunky and sharp smell that neighbors can easily decipher. If using and growing cannabis is not allowed where you are located then you might want to reduce the smell that your plants are giving off.

There are a few ways to do this. First, you must install intake and outtake fans in your growing room or area to effectively remove the smell and used air. One fan must be positioned on top of the growing area and this will suck up stale air and smell from the room. One fan will be installed at the bottom where new and fresh air will be forced into the growing space. This technique will not just remove foul odor but will also help control mold growth and root rot.

Another way to prevent the nasty smell that weed gives off is to use natural cleaning agents to remove the smell. Use these to clean the inner portions of the grow cabinet or grow room. After wiping the surfaces, dry these completely.

You may forget all these techniques altogether by growing only low-odor stains. Doing so will reduce the stinky smell from your growing area and will help keep your growing area safe and secure.

4. Use locks to keep the area secure; use other security equipment as well

Keep your indoor growing area safe and secure from your family and also from intruders by placing it on lock and key. You may also add security equipment like a security camera and some lighting. Use IP cameras to check up on your plants. You can view the footage from your camera from a site. This way, you will be able to monitor your plants carefully.

5. Grow low-odor strains instead

Possibly the best way to safely grow cannabis is to grow low-odor strains. Strains like Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Royal Jack Mystic and the Quick One may not be that fragrant but have less odor than most potent strains. As you can see too, these strains are not just your average strains. These are cannabis strains that are recreational strains for their potent effects and are also medical strains for their therapeutic effects. You can ask your budtender for the best selections on low-odor strains to grow.

6. Grow only a small number of plants

To keep your growing area secure, grow only a small number of plants. You can also choose from plants that will maintain a small structure even if these are already in their mature stages. Growing only a small number of plants will also let you care for these more efficiently and will keep you from making mistakes when caring for your plants.

7. Keep your indoor garden neat and clean

To avoid people from finding out about your growing area, keep everything neat and clean. This is important especially when you are securing your growing area from your family members. Your family or your companion at home will likely notice something amiss when you let dirt and trash get out of hand. Wipe or vacuum regularly, use bleach and soap to clean the outer areas of your growing room to keep things clean and neat.

8. Remember electrical safety when growing weed indoors

One of the most important things about growing weed indoors is to maintain electrical safety. Your secure growing area or grow space will likely be discovered if you keep your electrical cords messy and disorganized. Remember, a cabinet with an electrical cord coming out of it is something that’s worth checking out. So if you want people to mind their own business, take care that your room is safe and the cords are carefully tucked to avoid arousing suspicion.

9. Don’t tell anyone even your friends or family

Keep your lips sealed. This is possibly the most practical way to deal with your secret. Just keep your secret to yourself for now. Nothing could be more important than safety when it comes to buying cannabis online.

10. Grow your own seeds

One way to avoid getting caught with cannabis is to grow your own seeds. This way you can prepare for your crops without the need to buy cannabis seeds. You won’t have to provide your personal information just to create an account. You don’t need to reveal personal information just to buy seeds and create an account. You won’t have to buy seeds and pay for your purchases as well when you grow your own seeds.

Cultivating cannabis seeds outdoors

When you grow outdoors, you will be able to enjoy the free sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil. You will be able to take advantage of good climates conducive you’re your cannabis strains. The following can help you stealthily grow your cannabis outdoors.

1. Build a tall fence

A tall fence made of thick wood or cement would be the best way to cover your growing area. Use strong materials to cover your garden. You can have a contractor construct this for you or you can DIY a durable fence instead.

2. Plant only low-odor strains

Just like planting indoors, use low-odor strains to grow more cannabis. There are many low-odor strains found in local and online seedbanks. Just make sure that these will grow outdoors or your environment and climate are similar to the type of low-odor strains you want to grow.

3. Place your plants under lock and key

Even if you plan to grow outdoors, you still need to secure your plants. Place a lock and a key to the garden. Do not allow children or pets to wander in. Use a security camera to monitor the area day and night.

4. Use a greenhouse

A greenhouse will create a perfect cover to prevent being detected. A greenhouse may be made from different materials but make sure that these are strong and will fit the number of plants you wish to grow.

5. Grow with other strong–smelling plants in your garden

There are other strong-smelling plants that you can grow in your garden to mask the smell of cannabis. You can grow gardenias, tobacco plants, jasmine, lavender or dianthus alongside your cannabis plants to mask their unpleasant smell.

6. Avoid telling anyone about your plants

You must keep your outdoor garden safe and sound by just keeping your mouth shut. Avoid spreading your secret and just let only your closest friends know. Never take photos and announce this in social media.

7. Rearrange your garden

Place your cannabis plants under a tree where it can receive indirect sunlight. Place the larger plants and shrubs a few inches from your plants so that these may be used to provide a secure cover.

8. Use only small pots

As much as possible, use small pots to grow your plants in. Smaller pots are easier to carry and you can take your plants to another location in case the safety of your plants has been compromised.

9. Use security measures and equipment

Install security cameras, motion-activated lighting and other security equipment to secure your growing space outdoors. Use this alongside constructing a tall fence around your plants.

10. Order cannabis for sale stealthily

Everything should begin in a safe manner. Order by using stealth techniques. Cannabis plants are more likely to grow best when you start with ordering your cannabis stealthily online or from local seedbanks.