Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Cultivating any kind of marijuana strain, including autoflowering one, takes time and dedication. Unfortunately, not everyone can give that much investment to grow every strain in the market.

The spot in your garden should have a hall of famed strains in the market. To help you find them, here are the best cannabis seeds for sale in most dispensaries.

List of 10 Marijuana Strains Hall of Famers

1.) Skunk No. 1

We kick-start this list with the iconic Skunk No. 1 strain. The strains are popular in the cannabis community not just because of its THC potency or signature aroma. Skunk No. 1 is popular because it is the parent to many popular strains in the market. You can find its genetics in strains like Cheese, Critical, and Jack Herer. The strain also won multiple awards like the Cannabis Cup 1st place award in 1988.

The Skunk No. 1 THC potency is within the medium range that can go up to 19 percent. This potency leads to powerful sativa high that can boost your mood and fill you with energy. At the onset of this high, you also get a relaxing stone that soothes your body, but not make you sleepy.

As the name suggests, this strain has a powerful pungent aroma of skunk. This kind of smell is a hit among the cannabis community. In addition, beneath the skunk aroma is a small hint of sweetened earth profile.

Growing the Skunk No. 1 is easy for anyone in Canada because of its versatility in temperature. This feature allows you to cultivate the strain outdoors or indoors. Cultivating the strain will also treat you to a very high yield rate of around 16 to 18 ounces per plant.

2.) AK-47

Another classic strain that deserves a spot in any cannabis breeder’s garden is the AK-47. The multi-award-winning strain came out in 1992 from the grow room of Serious Seeds.

The AK-47 delivers a strong cerebral high that you can expect from a sativa dominant strain with a THC of up to 20 percent. This strain can improve your mood and calm your nerves. These effects help you get through panic attacks or times when you feel very anxious. You also unlock the doors to your wildest imagination after smoking the AK-47.

Breaking apart an AK-47 bud will release the pungent sour smell. Hiding within the smell is a hint of flowery earth profile.

Much like the Skunk No.1, the AK-47 has a short flowering period of around eight weeks. You can also expect the plants to yield around 14 ounces during harvest time.

3.) Northern Lights

One of the popular strain that many Canadian breeders love to have in their garden is the Northern Lights. This is another parent to many popular strains such as the Super Silver Haze.

The pure indica strain hits you with a powerful sedative effect that heavily relax your body and mind. This due to the high potency of the strain with THC levels that can go up to 21 percent. You will find most of your pain and troubling thoughts drift away after taking this strain. This makes the Northern Lights perfect for taking down stress and agonizing levels of pain.

Burning the Northern Lights bud with the release a sweet pine smell. The smoke has a bitter and citrus flavor profile.

Beginners will love the Northern Lights for its fast flowering times of up to eight weeks and high resistance against plant diseases. In addition, you can expect a plant to give you a decent yield of about 100 grams worth of bud.

4.) GSC

The Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is popular across the Northern American region for the strain’s extremely high THC potency that can go up to 28 percent. This strain won the Best Hybrid Cannabis Cup award in 2013.

You will get a good mix of sativa and indica effect after smoking GSC buds. This strain delivers an uplifting high and energetic boost to your mind. At the same time, the strain’s relaxant effect soothes your body and melts away any troubling thoughts in your mind.

The strain carries a sweet and earthy undertone after burning them. A spicy aftertaste lingers in your mouth after smoking the GSC bud.

Cultivating the GSC is not as easy as other strains in this list. With proper care though, you will receive quality buds that carry large amounts of TCH.

5.) Chocolope

The Chocolope is part of the chocolate haze line that grew in soils where coffee bean cultivation takes place. This strain is a major Cannabis Cup winner that took the Strain of the Year award in 2007.

With a THC potency that can go up to 22 percent, Chocolope hits you with an intense sativa high that makes you incredibly happy. The effect also fills you with energy and clear focus. This makes the Chocolope suitable for going through piles of workload.

Because of its lineage, the Chocolope has a sweet coffee aroma. Breaking apart its bud will smell like a fresh cup of brewed coffee mixed with sugar and cream.

Chocolope seeds are great for beginners because of its tolerance against high humidity and fast growth period. The plant also yields around two ounces of bud per square foot.

6.) Harlequin

The Harlequin is a hall of fame strain for its high CBD levels of up to 10 percent and THC potency of 15 percent. The CBD potency of the sativa leaning strain made it win many Cannabis Cup awards.

The potency of the harlequin is suitable for medical purposes because of its strong pain-relieving effect. You can still get a mild high from the moderate THC levels of the strain.

Lighting a harlequin bud will emit an aromatic wooden smell with a hint of earth. Meanwhile, the smoke has a sweet pine taste.

Cultivating the Harlequin plants requires some knowledge in breeding cannabis plants. With proper care, the plants will reward you with large buds that brims with CBD.

7.) Chemdawg

The Chemdawg is a hit among North American users for its intense sativa high. While the THC potency level is at 22 percent, the effects feel like somewhere around the 27 percent range.

The strain hits you with an energetic high that improves your mood and alert levels. You will feel awake and focus while the effects of the Chemdawg is active. In addition, you will feel a boost in your creativity levels throughout the strain’s high.

True to its chemical nature, Chemdawg has a diesel aroma to it. This aroma quickly dissipates after smoking it to reveal a pungent earth profile.

Chemdawg plants is another heavy yielding strain with a short flowering time. You can also use the screen of green techniques on the plants to further boost bud production.

8.) Grape Ape

The indica leaning Grape Ape’s name comes from the large purple buds of the plant. This also one of the highly potent strains in the list with THC levels that can reach 25 percent.

Grape Ape packs a strong indica effect that delivers a slow-building euphoric high. Through this effect, you will feel cheery and relaxed. Over time, the strong sedative effect kicks that leave you to feel sleepy.

The aroma of the strain has a candy-like smell. Your fingers will smell like it went through a large bag of fruit gummies after smoking the Grape Ape.

The large buds of Grape Ape buds translate to incredibly high yields. In addition, you will enjoy the short flowering period of the strain that usually takes less than nine weeks.

9.) Bubba Kush

The classic Bubba Kush is a hit for its heavy indica effect. Just like the Grape Ape, Bubba Kush buds have a distinct purple shade because of its anthocyanin pigment.

As mentioned above, the indica sedative effect can relax you and rewire your brain. You will feel a soothing wave flow across your body while your surrounding feels like an interesting kaleidoscope.

Bubba Kush has a rich coffee flavor that also smells like chocolate. The aroma also hides a hint of sweet fruit profile.

While Bubba Kush does not have the same yield rates as other strains in the list, the seeds have a fast flowering time of around eight to nine weeks. The strain also responds well to the sea of green technique that forces the plants to produce its high inducing buds in a short time.

10.) Sour OG

This list would not be complete without the Sour OG. Like the GSC, this is a Cannabis Cup winner for the Michigan Hybrid award in 2011.

Sour OG delivers a well-balanced effect that hits you with an energetic high that lasts for a long time. The effect ends with a relaxing feeling that will not make you sleepy.

The smell of the Sour OG has a mix of sweet fruit and diesel aroma. Its fruit flavor is more noticeable in your mouth than in your nose.

Sour OG joins one of the best cannabis seeds for sale that has a fast growth period of up to eight weeks. The plants also provide a decent yield and respond well to a hydroponic garden setup.


When you can only grow a few cannabis plants in your garden, consider picking one or more of the hall of famed strains on the list. These 10 strains are worth cultivating for its sedative effect and euphoric high.