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Innovative, there are places to grow pot both indoors and outdoors that will make it possible for nearly anyone to cultivate it. Canada is the best place to grow as it is legal to do so. From wanting to buy medical marijuana seeds for home growing to commercial cultivation with a farm, some licenses can be obtained. Yet, for people who want to find a place to cultivate cannabis, there are traditional places and practical, innovative choices.

To plant marijuana, there can be different areas for various stages. What many growers typically do is to plant the seeds in the assigned grow room before transferring to another place. That is because the ideal cannabis seedling care is not the same as that of the other stages. The requirements when it comes to pot size, growing medium, light, and space are varied. Yet, keep in mind that there are cannabis strains that are easy to grow and may not have such tasking requirements.
Grow marijuana in these various places keeping the requirements of the various stages in mind. Seedlings and tender young plants must be handled with care. When larger, it is possible to move the cannabis plant to another place for it to continue its growth.

10 Best Places to Plant Cannabis Seeds  

Innovative and traditional, here are ten excellent places to grow seeds.  

#1 Aquarium

A practical decision especially for viewing pleasure, it is possible to grow weed in an aquarium depending on its size. It can be properly set up with a growing medium and lights. If it is in a well-ventilated space, there will be no need to add fans. Indica and dwarf plants would be ideal for growing in an aquarium.  

#2 Closet and cupboard

It serves the purpose of having a grow box and one that is typically integrated into every home. Even a free-standing closet can work as a place to grow a marijuana plant. There would be a need to place in a pot or other similar containers, lights, and most probably, ensure the air circulation if it won’t be closed

#3 Large Container

There are extremely large pails, buckets with covers, and even trash bins that you can use to cultivate cannabis. These might have high side walls so consider that when placing in the plant. Design it properly so there will be enough air circulating and a place where there is light.  

#4 CPU

If you want to go for stealth growing, CPU grow boxes are the best place to go. They are compact as well as self-contained and you can use them to grow cannabis even in your own room. Of course, since this container has quite a small space, you may only have room enough to grow one or two short plants. The key to doing this successfully is to religiously prune and trim the plants to help keep them short.  

#5 Grow Tent

This is another way you can go for stealth cultivation. Grow tents are cheap and easy to set up. All you have to do is set it up with the right ventilation and lighting to be able to grow your marijuana plants with no problems. The only set back with these are regulating the smell. Most cannabis plants are really pungent and you should put up some odor control to help with this.  

#6 Grow Box

A grow box can be anywhere in your house. It can look like TV stands or another appliance in your kitchen. This is a great way to control the temperature and environment that your cannabis plants will be in. However, it is another small space that can fit about 4-8 shorter plants at the most. 

#7 Backyard

Growing marijuana outdoors can be one of the best ways to enhance the terpene profile of your buds since you are growing in soil. Just be sure that the patch of your backyard you are using is far away enough from prying eyes and gets a lot of sun exposure.  

#8 Solarium

This is a place inside your house that kind of acts like a greenhouse. It has a glass roof making it perfect to grow your cannabis plants with solar power. You can control the environment the plants are in since you are indoors but also can give them natural sunlight helping you save energy. 

#9 Grow Room

Having a dedicated space in your home to be able to cultivate your cannabis is quite practical. This is because you can set the whole room up to be at its best for your plants and their growing needs. You can also increase your crop better than with other stealth growing places.  

#10 Greenhouse

This is where you can get the best of both worlds from indoor and outdoor growing. With greenhouses, you can keep pests and harsh environmental conditions from the plants while providing them with enough soil and sunshine that they need. You can also control the humidity of the greenhouse to make it the most optimal for that cannabis plant.

Start Planting Marijuana 

Find the right seeds for the place where you will grow the cannabis. It’s easy to do by getting information about the various weed strains when you buy medical marijuana seeds from a reliable resource.