Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

This year has been a blast with various hybrids hitting the market. These strains offer a new experience and flavor to the marijuana community. On the other hand, many are still enjoying the classic crosses for its proven effect and aroma.

Consider ending the year by enjoying the 10 best hybrid strains. These strains are notable for their effect, flavors, and other notable characteristics.

1.) Godfather OG

Godfather OG, arguably the most potent indica dominant hybrid in the world, will kick off the top crosses. The THC potency of this beast can reach up to 34 percent. Take note that the most potent strains and hybrids can only reach up to 27 percent at best while very few can even break the 30 level mark.

With this kind of potency, the effect of the Godfather OG is a tidal wave of incredible bliss and relaxation. Smoking the strain will leave you incredibly happy and heavily sedated throughout the night. The potency can even give you an intense cerebral experience that alters the way you see and feel your surroundings. Marijuana consumers who are used to potent strains will get a new experience from the Godfather OG.

2.) Ghost Train Haze

Another highly potent strain that has a large following this year is the Ghost Train Haze. The sativa dominant won multiple Cannabis Cup throughout 2013 for its incredible THC potency of 25 percent. Apart from its potency,

Ghost Train Haze hits you with a powerful sativa high that will seem nearly psychedelic. The effects will slightly boost your energy levels and make you very happy. A small amount of this strain can sharpen your focus and boost your creating. This can help you get over ADD or ADHD when tackling various tasks. Meanwhile, large amounts will induce a sedative effect along with a cerebral experience that leaves you to couch locked for a long time.

3.) Granola Funk

The offspring of the Girl Scout Cookies and Wookie 15 is popular among Colorado dispensaries for its breakfast cereal like aroma and flavor. Granola Funk tastes like fruity corn cereals because of its creamy tart and fruit flavor profile. The fruit profile of the hybrid comes out in full force within your mouth after smoking it.

Granola Funk is another highly potent strain with THC levels that can reach up to 29 percent. This type of potency delivers a wave of relaxing euphoria that washes over your body. At the same time, your mind will be going to distant places where your troubles melt away. Granola Funk can also induce a serious case of the munchies, which is useful if you are suffering from appetite loss due to different medical conditions.

4.) White Tahoe Cookies

Another offspring of the Girl Scout Cookies are also hitting the favorite list among the marijuana community. White Tahoe Cookies delivers a spicy earthy aroma with a mix of citrus and herb. Much likes its White and Tahoe OG parents, the strain has a sweet fruity taste.

Being an indica dominant hybrid, the strain delivers a strong and calm buzz that washes over your body. The effect significantly improves your mood and boost your libido. The doors to your wildest imagination will also open upon smoking the strain. Sending different ideas across your mind. Waiting for you at the end of the high is a sedative stone that will make you want to sleep.

5.) Green Crack

The Green Crack name came from the popular marijuana connoisseur, Snoop Dogg. Outside of the controversial name, the sativa dominant hybrid is a best-seller among the cannabis community in the US. Cracking open the bud will release a strong citrus aroma that is similar to lemons and mango. With the legendary rapper and cannabis consumer recommending this strain, Green Crack definitely deserves a spot in our list of the best hybrid strains.

This sativa dominant hybrid delivers a potent motivating high that increases your energy levels while rocketing your mind to a different level. This high also clears out nearly any distracting thoughts on your mind to allow for better focus. This makes the Green Crack great to start the day.

6.) Death by Lemons

Fans of lemon terpenes will say that Death by Lemons is overwhelming with its extremely strong limonene profile. Cracking open a bud will smell like opening a jar of highly concentrated lemon juice. Taking a small whiff may clear away some of your sinuses in your nasal cavity.

If lemons can power a digital clock, Death by Lemons can be a kick to your system with its potent sativa high. A small amount can deliver a hazy and energizing high that will make you want to hit the gym and lift weights.

7.) Casey Jones

The name of this strain comes from a heroic train conductor who gave his life saving his passengers. The sativa dominant strain is still popular due to how easy it is to cultivate its plants. Casey Jones’ plants are resistant against common molds and mildew. It also boasts a very high yield rate than other hybrids of its kind.

Casey Jones is another potent wake-and-bake strain with its motivating high. Smoking the strain will improve your mood and give you plenty of energy to take on the day. The effects will stay with you for the rest of the day, making this strain a better alternative to coffee.

8.) CBD Nordle

CBD Nordle name has been making itself known to the cannabis community with its medical oriented effect. The name comes from the code word of ‘hashish’, which was coined by Howard Marks. Another interesting trait of the strain is its Christmas tree-like plants that take shape during its vegetative phase.

As the name indicates, this strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. The high CBD content makes the strain effective at taking out pain and aches. It can also relax muscles, which is helpful if you are suffering from uncontrollable spasms. Despite being an indica dominant hybrid, CBD Nordle also delivers an engaging high. After smoking the strain, you will feel a wave of happiness flow across your body. This wave also clears out any distracting fox in your mind while opening the doors of your imagination. The overall effect makes this a great afternoon toke when you need to finish a couple of tasks before calling it a day.

9.) Granddaddy Purple

For more than a decade, people are still enjoying the Granddaddy Purple for its powerful berries aroma and dark purple colored buds. The reason why this hybrid makes the list is its plant characteristics. Granddaddy Purple plants are one of the easiest strains to harvest due to its resistance against common diseases and a short flowering time of up to 60 days. In addition, the plants produce incredibly large yield rates during its harvest period.

The effects of the Granddaddy Purple is a combined sedative and euphoric mix. Smoking the strain will ease the tension all over your body while sending your mind flying across the stratosphere. The high leads towards heavy stoning that will make you drowsy and hungry. You will get a full night’s sleep without any disturbance, which will make you feel recharged the next morning.

10.) Strawberry Banana

A good way to end the list is the dessert tasting Strawberry Banana cross. The hybrid inherits sweet fruit and creamy flavor of its Bubble Gum and Banana Kush parents. The buds smell like fruit cereals dropped on a bowl full of banana smoothie. Another reason for its popularity is its growth characteristics. Like the Granddaddy Purple, this is one of the easiest strains to take care of and has a very high yield rate.

Strawberry Banana has a high THC potency of up to 23 percent. This potency is behind the strain’s strong indica effect that will make calm your body and elevate your mood. The euphoric high can also alter the way you perceive your surroundings. Taking Strawberry Banana can make you experience movies and music in a different light.