CBD Dab vs CBD Wax vs CBD Crumble: Know their Differences

One of the wonders of cannabis is that it could be consumed in many different numbers of ways. One of the most popular ways nowadays is extracting oil from cannabis. Oil extracted from cannabis could be put in food, ointments, and many other different applications. Due to its purity, oil is naturally potent and its potency is only affected by being diluted in any medium that it is added to such as candies, chocolates, and gums. 

But there are other forms of administering or serving CBD and these terminologies need to be clarified for the consumers in order for them to properly decide which kind of CBD preparation is good for them for some reason or another. As we have mentioned, cannabis is no longer being solely ingested as smoke or added to food as medicine for pain and others. It could also be applied to the skin or hair in being added to lotions, ointments, makeup or shampoo. 


CBD wax is just as widely available as CBD oil. CBD wax naturally forms as CBD extracts solidify as a wax. This was is not anyway different from candle, crayons and other wax products in its physical characteristics of being slippery and oily. CBD wax, just like these wax derivatives also appear in a number of forms. 

Purging is the process of creating CBD wax and will result in a different type of wax according to the method that involves heat and pressure levels. Purging is the crystallization process of nucleated marijuana fat lipids. Essentially, every other name such as “CBD Wax”, “CBD Dab”, and “CBD Crumble” through which CBD wax products are labeled are all just different types of CBD wax produced through different methods. 

CBD oil versus CBD dab

CBD oil and CBD wax are both cannabis concentrates. The process through which both are made are almost identical. The final product becoming either oil or wax depends upon the purging process. If the extract is whipped after purging then the final product is wax and if it purged of chemical solvents, the final product is oil. 

As far as the general application of consumption, oil is more versatile in being added as an ingredient to almost all kinds of food and could also be inhaled whereas wax has to be inhaled only. 

There are also different ways to consume the wax and oil as far as smoking or vaping is concerned. Oil could be smoked easily with a pen while wax could be smoked using a quite complicated dab rig which involves applying the wax to a heated coil where the vaporized CBD wax is inhaled through a mouthpiece. It is very much different from regular smoking. Dabbing is recommended for those who will require higher doses of CBD almost instantaneously like those suffering from medical conditions such as pain, depression, and others.  

Dabbing CBD wax clearly has the advantage of potency since this process will allow you to consume higher concentrations of CBD almost instantly in wax form. You cannot dab CBD oil. 


CBD wax is made using the so-called carbon dioxide process of purging. It is the safest process too as this removes other unwanted substances such as chlorophyll from the oil. CBD wax is usually extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis which has a different property from regular marijuana plants. CBD oil that is extracted from it in order to be converted into wax is guaranteed to be high in CBD and low in THC. 


CBD wax comes in a few different varieties, and each has its advantages. Your options to choose from are shatter, live resin, crumble, wax and budder. Each is a variant of CBD butane hash oil, which is the blanket term for all kinds of CBD extract.

CBD wax is an all-encompassing term for the regular variety of wax produced from CBD oil by purging. Another special type of wax is the budder which is produced by using higher temperatures and increased air pressure during purging. This results in a waxier consistency. 

Shatter is a type of wax that was extracted up to the point of nearing crystallization. It looks cloudy and has the texture of glass, hence the name. 

Live resin is one of the more expensive, high-end CBD wax types because it uses cryogenically frozen buds instead of dried buds used in other purging processes. 

Budder is almost the same as shatter in the process but is more like butter in consistency.

Crumble wax is very similar to Budder but manufacturers pre-purge their CBD oil. This makes it a bit moist. This is more difficult to use due to its consistency but excels largely in the flavor. 


CBD wax is generally more expensive than oil and hard to smoke or vape so it requires complicated dab rigs.  But all these complications in consuming CBD was being rewarded by the rich flavor, potency and instant effect that could not be rivaled by CBD oil. Because of using dab rigs, CBD wax could be consumed in more controlled doses than simply smoking a joint or eating chocolate infused with marijuana. 

CBD wax no matter what type is naturally superior to oil in every little way.